Barnett Quad Edge Review

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  • The bolts are amazing
  • The scope is really good quality


  • There’s no rope cocking aid

Let’s talk about the Barnett Quad Edge, this is a compound crossbow that is available even from different vendors. This comes in a package that includes the crossbow, a quiver, a 4 by 32 scope, and 3 pieces of 22-inch headhunter bolts. Unfortunately, this crossbow doesn’t have a rope cocking aid, while this isn’t expensive, most crossbow packages today already come with a rope cocking device. If you plan to purchase this, please take note that you have to buy a rope cocking device. Let’s talk about assembling this, putting it all together is easy, all you have to do is attach the riser to its stock, make sure that the route cables, as well as the strings, are attached to the quiver properly, make sure that the foot stirrup and the scope ar attached properly too, it needs a Comfortable Tree StandThis crossbow is also very accurate and powerful. It could provide 105 ft per lbs of kinetic energy and it’s powerful enough to hunt any legal game. This has a 19.875” axle to axle width and it’s 36” short. It has an easy to maneuver Quad Edge even if you’re on a ground blind or tree stand. Since this has a draw weight of 125 LBS, this means this is the easiest to cock. When you use a rope cocking device, it becomes even easier. The 4 by 32mm scope is pretty good, it’s easy to sight, and from experience, it stays true for a long time. But, since it’s not illuminated you might not be able to use it during twilight. This package comes with 3 pieces of HeadHunter arrow which is really decent quality. So, if you want other bolts, any 22-inch arrows would be really good, just make sure it’s 425 grain. You can also check this if you’re Single Pin Bow Sights To Buy.


This crossbow is pretty good, it’s accurate, easy to assemble, and powerful. This is definitely worth it’s price and if it fits your preference you should definitely get it. Remember that this doesn’t have a rope cocking device so make sure to get one as you order this. If you have already tried this crossbow, let us know in the comments section, we would love to hear how your experience with it was. You can also check this barnett vengeance review. One of the excellent choices for a crossbow is Barnett Ghost 360.

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