SA Sports Ambush Crossbow

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  • It’s not heavy
  • It’s accurate
  • It’s compatible with crank cocking devices


  • The arrows are poor quality
  • The warranty is only 1 year

The moment you get your crossbow, you would definitely be so excited to start setting it up, and this is a very fun experience. Your crossbow experience isn’t complete if you haven’t experienced setting up your crossbow. It’s a good thing that the SA Sports Ambush comes with a very good manual with the right details to easily put it all together. There’s also a YouTube tutorial to make it even easier. Assembling this is pretty easy, we have set this up in just 15 minutes or less with the help of its manual. The hard part in setting up is probably the part when you have to position the cable slide. But this is all worth it because this crossbow is pretty powerful it can fire arrows at 285 FPS when you use 375 grain arrows which is the best for this crossbow. This is a crossbow perfectly made for target shooting because it has the right power to blast into the block but won’t clean through the block and reach the backstop. Find the greatest selection of Bow Cases that protect your hunting gear. This is also an accurate crossbow, if you have sighted this already, start using it and be amazed of its accuracy. While this is really good for target shooting, we don’t recommend you use this for hunting anything larger than a deer. But this is easy to carry around while hunting because it’s light and has good speed. Since this is a recurve crossbow, it’s pretty easy to assume that the cocking is somehow smooth, with a 150 LBS draw weight you can readily cock this by hand. But, since it has a rope cocking device, you won’t have to do it by hand. The trigger pull is smooth and light, it also comes with an excellent break point. Now, unfortunately this crossbow only has 1 year warranty so let’s hope any factory problem happens within the year. The Barnett whitetail hunter-ii is impressive and manageable.


This crossbow is really good for hunting small game and target shooting. While we haven’t tried it for a year we still think that it’s worth buying because it’s built with good quality materials, it has good power, it’s light, and it’s just the right price. However, you can visit Best Crossbow Pistol for hunting. You can also read this Game Shears as most hunters know. Let us know what you think about the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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