How We Test Hunting Bows at Hunting Bow Lab

We review and test products on our own. We do them personally to make sure that you read reviews that are real and from personal experiences. We also test our bows under different conditions to know how it would perform.

We start our testing by going through different reviews, sites, and sources to find the best performing hunting bow or parts out in the market for different categories available. Then we purchase the best ones we find. We do not accept “gifts” from any brand, or receive payment in exchange for our reviews. We do this just because we want to help hunters and aspiring hunters find the best one. We make sure we buy from retail so we are sure we review what you would be getting. We then test them side by side with other bows or parts in the same range to check the performance and rate them accordingly. After testing, categorizing, ranking and everything in between, we explain all the reasons why they deserve to be on that rank and how it performed in different situations. We make sure you enjoy your journey in hunting and find the best hunting bow for your needs.

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