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You can usually identify a longbow by its height which is often as tall as the shooter. This enables the individual who is shooting to have a long draw, approximately to the jaw. The limbs on a longbow are narrow, and D-shaped or circular in cross section. If you look at it, the bow looks like a capital “D.” Longbows are typically made from wood like which elm or yew. Wooden bows have to be treated carefully and cannot be exposed to excessive dryness or dampness. They have been used in many cultures for warfare and hunting. Below are our best longbows for hunting. You may also check this out if you’re looking for Blind Elevator Bracket.

Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow

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  • Very good design
  • Very accurate


  • None

This longbow has various shades of dark wood accents. It also comes with a bubinga riser which has zebra wood accents. The limbs are laminated but its core is bubinga too. The brace height is 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches. The draw weight is 40 to 65 lbs. This package includes a bow sock, a arrow rest, and a flemish bow string. It’s very smooth and it almost doesn’t make any noise at all. This is also handcrafted and not mass manufactures so it’s definitely beauty and great performance in a single bow.

Mountain Man Sierra Longbow

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  • Very Accurate
  • Very Smooth
  • Nice slim grip


  • String is not so good

This bow has a very beautiful elegant crafted design. It’s made from maple and walnut wood and comes with a custom finish. The materials used in making this is known for making a very solid bow. This definitely is one of the best longbow available because of its high performance and elegance in a single bow. It has a brace height of 6 ½ to 7 ½” and is 68” in length. This could be used by either a left or right hand shooter with no problem at all. Once it’s settled in, it also doesn’t stretch. 

October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter 68 inch Longbow Review

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  • Best customer service/li>
  • Very Accurate


  • You could spend a little more for a much better one

This longbow comes with a very smooth draw and high performance. Many people say this is the best longbow available in the market because f these features. It has a built in arrow shelf in its mati laminated handle. It measures 68 inches from tip to tip and is made from hard maple, walnut wood, and purple heart which are known for materials that are very hard. While it doesn’t have a leather grip, this is still a very good hunting longbow. It’s flashlight string compatible and it has a Dacron bowstring. 

Bear AFT2040145 Montana Longbow

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  • Very Fast
  • Very Quiet
  • Very Smooth


  • Bad wrap handle

This longbow is not just quick but it’s also very smooth, it  looks like a traditional longbow. It was designed by Grant Bryce II who is a bowyer that’s with the well-known Fred Bear company for a really long time. This design is very gracefully made and has a high strength black fiberglass. This one is known because of its classic look with modern features and speed. This bow is so strong it’s almost impossible to crack it because the natural grains and wood keeps it intact.


Here are four of the best longbows, recurve bow, traditional bow, and different type of longbow for hunting, available out in the market today they and as you probably have notices they have different draw weights. Some even don’t come with a hand shock but they are multi purpose, and built to last. These four are all different from each other because we aim to give you different varieties because we know that every hunter and aspiring hunter have different needs. We hope this helped you have a better picture of each bow and its capabilities. we also have different articles about different type of bows like a compound bow, recurve bow, and a lot more about bow hunting, make sure to check them out. If you are looking to change your style check out the Best Teepee Tents. Happy hunting! 

How To Choose The Best Longbow For Hunting

When it comes to hunting, you need a great and sturdy longbow that can quickly bring your target down. Without knowing what to look for when buying a longbow, you’re most likely to burn your money on the wrong tool.

The longbow’s origin dates back to the Stone Age when the early man discovered how to craft tools and hunt with it. Today, there have been stunning improvements in the longbow, making hunting a fun and enjoyable experience.

This unique piece has become an element that brought humanity to the light. These tools are sturdy, light, artistic, and comfortable to use. There are different kinds of longbows today, and they come in various designs and functionality.

In this article, you’re going to learn the ideal features to look for when choosing the best longbow for hunting. When you get it right, you wouldn’t ever have to leave the hunting to sheer luck. A great longbow is noiseless and pierces through animals without causing long-suffering.

Since there are numerous longbows in the market, this buying guide will help you focus on some essential features that make a great longbow. Without further ado, here are things to look for when ordering a longbow.

  • Longbow Purpose

The purpose of your longbow will determine the ideal type you choose. Perhaps you want an excellent tool for hunting in the wild, or maybe for target shooting. If you’re looking to participate in the Olympics, there is a need to consult experienced or professional archers to make a recommendation.

Every longbow has a purpose, and you need to know your intention to get the right piece of tool. Some longbows are exceptional for field archery, while some longbows are best for bow hunting. Before you delve into the marketplace to make an order, first define your purpose for wanting the longbow.

  • Longbow Type

Aside from the longbow’s purpose, another thing to consider when buying a longbow for hunting is the type. No doubt, there are numerous longbows in the market, and they include English/British bow, Mongolian bow, horse bow, medieval bow, etc.

These bows come with their various features and edges, making them distinct from each other. Irrespective of your purpose, these types of bows will give you different experiences. Some types of longbows are hybrid, while some are handmade or traditional. Also, there are longbows explicitly made for kids. If you must make the right choice, seek a recommendation from an expert.

  • Longbow Draw length

Before choosing a longbow, consider the distance between the throat of the grip and the nock point. The length of your body must match the reach of the bow. If you don’t want to make a mistake, do measure the span of your hand. The reason you need to get the ideal draw length is that it impacts your performance while hunting.

  • LongBow Brace Height

In case you don’t know, the brace height is the distance that separates the string from the deepest part of the bow. As you might already know, your brace height determines the speed of the arrow. Before you make your order, ensure that your brace height fits your preference. As a guide, the ideal brace height should be 1/12 of the height of your bow.

  • Longbow Material

Another thing to consider when choosing the best longbow for hunting is the material used to make it. Some longbows on sales are wooden like cedar, yew, hickory, and much more. Bows made from these kinds of woods are reliable and smooth to operate. Also, quality material will ensure that the longbow lasts pretty long.

  • Longbow Quality and Brand

Some brands have been consistent in manufacturing high-quality and sturdy longbows that can serve pretty well in the wild. Despite the materials used for production, ensure that the bow can withstand stress.

  • Longbow Price

Aside from materials, the brace height and draw length, price is another factor determining the type of longbow you order. The best longbows are pricey due to the quality materials used for it. Quality longbows will ensure that you hunt with it for years to come without hassles. Not all quality longbows are pricey; ensure you take your time to browse through your options.

Longbow FAQs

  • How far can I shoot with my longbow?

An effective longbow in the hands of a pro can cover over 200 to 400 yards without issues. When going for a longbow, ensure it can cover such a range before giving your money away.

  • Are longbows best for beginners?

A beginner’s toxophilites are best for inexperienced archers and can be pretty easy to shoot with a high accuracy rate.

  • What arrows should I use with longbows?

The best kind of arrows for a longbow includes wooden or aluminum arrows, and they can be somewhat expensive due to its stiffness.

  • Are longbows better than recurve bows?

Recurve bows have more speed and power compared to the longbow. However, they can be on the high end in terms of price.


When going for the best longbows for hunting, you must ensure you check out the vital aspects before deciding. The first you should consider is the price, draw weight, height, and quality of the material.

Some longbows might seem pricey, but you should ask professional archers for a recommendation on the best type of longbow. The reason for seeking expert opinion before buying is because they have tested and approved these longbows repeatedly. So, they know the ideal longbow that will suit your needs.

A durable and reliable longbow is something you will appreciate in the long run. No matter your purpose for wanting a longbow, go for one that can endure all the stress without damaging in the process. When you get the ideal longbow, hitting your target will never be a problem.

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