TSA Approved Bow Cases (Official List)

Why Buy TSA Approved Bow Cases 

It is a good idea to buy an extra bow case for transportation. If you are traveling with more than one archery set, then it would be advisable to decide on which (if any) will be kept at your final destination and store the others in the cases. Sliding them over into complex carrying cases may help ensure that they don’t get bent during transport. As with anything of value, always make sure you have a theft protection plan for your cases, such as locks or self-locking belts around their edges so they cannot be cut away quickly.

You can fly from point A to point B with a protective case for each flight’s equipment and keep everything together at the end by using a lockbox between flights.

Difference Between Shipping The Bow Instead Of Flying The Archery Equipment?

Shipping a bow, as opposed to flying it, is the more traditional and less stressful method of transporting a bow. The bow case is like a travel pillow for your instrument – it keeps your valuable investment separated from the rest of your baggage during check-in and transport, provides excellent protection while in transit, and minimizes the potential for abuse by those with less than innocent intentions.

Shipping your bow can also be much safer than other shipping options such as delivery – that’s because although FedEx Freight will deliver bows individually on dry ice with no special packaging or encasement at all (which seems strange), they will not accept inflexible shipments such as rifle cases or complex plastic cases. 

TSA Rules When It Comes to Flying Archery Equipment

Generally, you’re allowed to fly with one carry-on and one personal item. So if you have a bow in its case, that can usually be checked.

For information on specific airlines rules, don’t hesitate to contact them directly, such as Delta or Alaska Airlines. However, TSA’s webpage says all “firearms” (including bows) must be unloaded in checked bags and declared to the airline at check-in. You would typically never need to show it. Still, of course, there are always exceptions when traveling internationally or otherwise outside the US, like when in security lines for red tone countries where ammunition is prohibited regardless of whether the firearm has been removed from its case, for example, other than what is necessary for our maintenance on board their planes.”

Cost Of Bringing Archery Equipment On the Plane

Ports and international airports charge a fee to check in a weapon. Airlines will not tolerate checked weapons that are not packed as they should be, so it is best to travel with the bow and the accessories inside of a hardshell case (such as a rifle box or pistol bag) and prepare your archery equipment while you’re at home. Some airlines allow travelers to carry bows on planes but require passengers to only bring their attached quivers in their hand luggage. In any case, all arrows must be assembled outside of airport security checkpoints during transit through an airport. 

Choosing A Bow Case For Flying

The situation can be a lot easier if you’re traveling by car, requiring only a few extra minutes of planning to ensure that the areas containing your case are free from potential hazards like sharp corners or obstacles that could cause scratches to the case. While no rules state what size and type of bow case should travel in the cabin with you, it will need to fit within your carry-on bag allowance.

If your mind’s made up about bringing a bow in now, let’s talk about what kind of package choices are available; after all, every traveler won’t have the exact needs for their bow (or violin) when they fly! 

Bow Soft Case

Bow cases, which are named for the patented design of their four “bows,” is a protective covering that goes over the top and bottom of your cell phone. This snug-fitting plastic shell has pouches to store cards, money, and other small items in an easily accessible way.

You may find it easier to use your phone while walking with the case open to watch videos or play games rather than having both hands on you at all times – making life a lot more convenient! For example, you might hold the bow case’s back against your chest like a clutch bag so that one hand is available for texting or holding something else (such as a baby) without any restrictions. 

Bow Hard Case

It is a handmade crossbow case. It was made to carry crossbows safely and conveniently while on the move.

The Bow Case offers a simple yet classy color design that will be right at home in any man’s closet, whether it has hunting weapons or golf clubs inside of it. The front zipper closure with velcro stretch panel provides easy access into the protected compartment without undoing any zippers, and the netting makes locating small items quick and easy. Interior dimensions 11 inches long by 6 ½ inches wide x 3 ½ inches high also make this case great for storing compact gaming consoles, radios, or a camera bag! It comes with an extra front pocket perfect for holding your smartphone, earbuds, and other small items.

TSA Lock

TSA locks are a type of lock that agents can open at checkpoints for inspections. These locks provide a level of convenience and security that cannot be compromised or vandalized.

They are also found on water bottles, so you don’t have to pour your liquids out when you need them–unscrew the cap! Even if the bottle is still full, it has to go through security. If there’s no way to get a drink right before departing, it might be advisable to carry liquids in approved containers with secure closures; these containers most often have some pop-up top (like NYC’s Big Apple Pop) that pops up when pressure is applied from changing altitude or exertion during flight. 

Best Traveling Gears With Wheels When Flying With Archery Equipment?

A bow case is an easy and reliable way to transport a bow! It also has the added benefit of keeping your limbs and string in excellent condition and protecting your arrow tips from becoming nicked or damaged. When buying a bow case for travel, consider how much room you need for any other traveling gear you will take with you when going on an archery trip. If you are only taking the bare minimum without anything else to take up space, it might be easier to go with a flight-friendly bow like Bear Archery’s The Town Bow or McKenzie Longbow – which are both just 8 ½ inches wide.

Tips For Keeping Your Equipment Organized and Safe

It’s essential to store all your equipment when you’re not using it or before transporting it long distances. For items like a bow case or an arrow quiver, be sure to keep these in carrying cases that will protect them from dirt and other damage, especially if you’ll be placing them on the ground. Your bow should always have a string-away device attached when you’re not shooting.”

And there’s more! Before storing your equipment, make sure to clean everything up, so everything is ready for use next time. Covering your butt also means they will stay out of sight and discourage theft.

Tips For Your Flight With Archery Equipment 

A bow case can be invaluable if you plan to fly with a bow. The only thing to do is wrap the string and cables in foam and put them inside, lay the weapon on top, zip it up, and go. More important, when carrying a lot of gear in one piece, all of the equipment should fit, or else you may need two pieces of luggage for your flight to accommodate everything with rubber bands. One exception; If there are no arrows with broadheads that meet FAA requirements, then they must not go through TSA screening but should be checked as standard baggage at a designated spot at airport security checkpoints before passengers get on commercial board flights; this applies whether arrows are pointy (covered by clothes) or unflagging.

Flying With a Recurve Bow

We can answer that question with an emphatic ‘yes. The key to flying safely is choosing a recurve bow for travel and ensuring it is securely protected, so you don’t have a sharp metal object of about 20 inches protruding from your luggage.

When asked this question, we always suggest looking for a “take apart” type of bow. This provides the benefit of reasonably pack the bow when it’s disassembled in its various pieces.

Flying With a Crossbow

It’s illegal and unsafe to fly with an arrow/crossbow, even in a checked bag.

It is strictly prohibited by airline regulation for anyone to bring a crossbow on board. Airlines will not allow weapons of any type onto the plane or into the baggage compartment; There are exceptions for people with attorneys who can provide documentation that you’re flying as an agent of someone else and have traveling orders from your employer authorizing you to bring firearms in accordance to international treaties such as the 1998 United Nations’ Protocol against Illicit Stockpiling of Small Arms and Light Weapons. Additionally, some states may have laws governing travel with firearms within their borders; therefore, travelers should contact appropriate state authorities before embarking on any journey armed with these items.”

Bringing Arrowheads to the Plane

I wouldn’t recommend carrying the arrows in your carry-on luggage, as you would be doing so at the risk of getting stopped for an X-ray or metal detector. However, if you have a bow case designed to hold both arrows AND a bow without contacting the metal parts of either item, it should be allowed on board.

Bow cases are allowed on planes because they can contain items that are not considered dangerous (i.e., arrowheads). If any likely danger appears, carrying these items will only cause more scrutiny and make it even more challenging to bring them through security than via mail or cargo service. Instead, I suggest sending them ahead with FedEx for use once at your destination. 

Do You Need a Bow Case?

How many times have you been frustrated by trying to select a bow case that is either too expensive, not big enough for your needs, looks ugly, or plain has the wrong stuff?

You may want to try BYOBuddy because it is made to be good and doesn’t rely on price gouging. The best thing about BYOBuddy is it’s so tiny and compact. It fits in your tall boots each night with no problem at all. Of course, when you are shooting outside during hunting season. You don’t need to take the safe option and leave the bow behind! The arrow sheaths are Velcro-compatible (and an included pack of extra velcro straps provides some variation), so they fit pretty much any size.

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