PSE Dream Season RDX 365 Crossbow

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  • It’s a complete package
  • It’s very powerful
  • There’s a reverse draw cam
  • It has amazing trigger


  • It fits all sizes
  • It’s a bit on the longer side

This PSE Dream Season RDX comes in a package that has everything you would need to be able to use it right after assembling it. The only thing that doesn’t come in the package is a case which wouldn’t really hinder you from using it. The package comes with the crossbow, a 5-bolt quiver, a 3 by 32 illuminated reticle scope, a 5-bolt quiver, 3 pieces of 20 inches carbon force charger crossbow bolts, 3 pieces 85 grain field points, a rail lube, a sling, and a rope cocking device. When it comes to power this crossbow has more than enough, it can sling 400 grain arrows at 355 to 365 FPS which means it can do some serious punch and take down any legal game in North America. Since this comes with a lot of rubber on the limbs, this crossbow has very good sound and vibration dampening. It also has an auto safety and an anti dry fire system which provides a great level of confidence when you’re out in the field. Read on to know more about Best Hunting Binoculars.

This is the only crossbow with a very good mossy oak country pattern. Take not that this crossbow is a bit long but not wide.this crossbow could be a bit hard to cock given that it could shoot arrows at 365 FPS, good thing it has a rope cokcing device. Surprisingly, this has an illuminated scope that’s impressive even in low light conditions. The arrow included in this is good enough for practicing and hunting, but since it only comes with 3 pieces of arrows, which is quite disappointing, we suggest you purchase more in advance. Get the most accurate PSE Evolve for hunting. You can also read this Game Shears as most hunters know.


If you are comfortable with long crossbows, there’s no problem with this. This crossbow is very powerful, it has great accuracy too. The reverse draw cam system also creates added punch, which is really good. You should definitely take a look at this. Let us know what you think about this crossbow on the comments section, we would love to hear about your thoughts on this. The Barnett whitetail hunter-ii is impressive and manageable.

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