Barnett Vengeance Review

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  • Reduces riser weight through carbon riser tech
  • Reverse limb technology
  • Comes with a rope cocking device
  • Comes with free arrows


  • A bit on the heavier side

Barnett Vengeance crossbow comes with reverse limb technology and a carbon riser, this is one of the fastest and most powerful Barnett crossbow manufactured. This is a complete package, it comes with the crossbow, a 3 by 32mm scope, 3 pieces of 22 inches arrows, a quiver, field tips, and a rope cocking device. Assembling this crossbow is not as easy as the usual because it could get a bit tricky, and it could need more pressure to be able to line up all the parts, but using a rubber mallet would be very helpful. The manual lacks good pictures so it’s not very easy to understand. So if you could find someone more experienced in setting this up, you would be saving yourself a lot of time. But, the struggle in setting it up pays off because it’s very powerful and suitable for hunting. It deals 118 feet of kinetic energy which is enough power for a cape buffalo. When using a 400 grain arrow, we were able to shoot at 365 FPS which is enough for even the toughest game in America. With the free cocking device, no matter how heavy and powerful this crossbow is, you wouldn’t have a problem cocking it. This crossbow is definitely worth purchasing. If you have it or if you just bought it, let us know in the comment section! One of the excellent choices for a crossbow is Barnett Ghost 360.

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