Wicked Ridge Invader HP

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  • Accurate crossbow
  • It’s complete already
  • It has an integrated rope assist cocking system/device


  • The scope is prone to fogging
  • It’s very noisy

This Wicked Ridge Invader HP comes in a package that includes the crossbow, an ACU 52 cocking system, a tenpoint 3x multi line scope, 3 pieces Wicked Ridge quiver, Ten Point 3X multi-line scope, a Wicked Ridge embroidered sling, some assembly hardware and tools, a warranty card, and an owners manual. This crossbow is simple to put together and it even comes with an easy to understand instruction manual. This Wicked Arrow has a speed of 315 FPS and it can deliver 93 ft per lb of kinetic energy. While it isn’t the fastest crossbow we have on the market, it’s still very respectable and it has very god power. This crossbow has a very easy to sight scope too. The Wicked Ridge Invader HP can take down even the largest game such as the bears and cape buffalo’s. This crossbow is really ideal for hunting because it’s lightweight and it even comes with a sling which is very comfortable. The downside of this crossbow is that it’s a bit noisy like most of the crossbows. The scope that this crossbow comes with is the Ten Point 3X Multi-line scope that has 3X optics, and 3 duplex crosshairs that could be used for shooting at different ranges. This is an easy to zero scope, which has been proven after we have used it continuously.

Wicked Ridge Invader HP Crossbow Review

You can buy many crossbows in the market today, but there are some out there that offer fantastic value for money. Join us as we look at two of the best crossbows for hunting.

Invader HP or Wicked Ridge Warrior HL

Both the Invader HP and the Wicked Ridge Warrior HL are powerful crossbows, only that one has more specialized features than the other. The Invader HP is essentially a bigger and better type of the Wicked Ridge Warrior HL, with a higher cost. If you are working on a budget, the Warrior HL is a great option. But if you intend to go for more power, you should pay more and acquire the Invader HP. The Invader HP also has a premium and standard set, from which you can choose. Since the premium package costs are not so far apart from that of the standard set, you should opt for the premium. That is because the premium package comes with aluminum arrows, slingshots, and other fun stuff. 

Design And Look of the Invader HP Crossbow

The Invader HP is one magnificent beast of a crossbow. It has a Mossy Oak skeleton stock covered in camo to help you hide away from the prey. It stands on a quad limb system, allowing for more balance than a dual limb system. While some people prefer the two-limb system, others clamor for the quad-limb system. But in the end, it all boils down to preference. There is no proven advantage that either quad-limb or dual-limb systems give. So, all that matters is that this structure does not affect performance, and so far, it has only boosted operations due to how light-weight it is.

The Invader HP weighs 7lbs, packs a length of 38-inches with 28.25 inches from one axle to another. It has a special guard that rests above the area used to grip the crossbow such that your hands do not get injured by mistake. This crossbow also has a PowerTouch trigger mechanism that allows for swiftness. The ambidextrous nature of the stock and safety is also an additional advantage. With the CNC-machined HP cams, you can also tell that this crossbow was perfectly put together with the best features, design, and finish. 

Specifications Wicked Ridge Invader HP

Draw Weight and Cocking

The Invader HP has a unique ACU-52 self-retracting rope system and comes with a 180 lb. draw weight.  It is not so different from the standard rope cocking device; the only difference here is that this one, in particular, has the rope system attached to the stock. Despite the additional ACU-52 rope system, the Invader HP has a design that still allows it to be slim and compact to carry. The advantage of this addition is that you do not have to bother about carrying your rope cocker around or looking for a perfect placement for it when you are out in the field or wild using it. The self-retracting rope system pulls back the rope after the bow has already been cocked. 

That helps to reduce cocking efforts by at least 50 percent. However, when you use the Invader HP, you will find that it somehow uses more leverage since pulling back the string feels way less than half the draw weight.

Speed and Power Wicked Ridge Invader HP

The Invader HP has excellent speed. The arrows move at a velocity of about 315 feet per second, which is for the initial velocity. That translates to approximately 93ft-lbs of energy. That additional force means the sheer force that this crossbow carries can release arrows so fast and precisely that it will not only accurately hit big targets like moose or elk but will penetrate deep into their skin. The Invader HP is an excellent choice if you are hunting big game. 

Shooting the Wicked Ridge Invader HP

Before taking your crossbow into the field or hunting range, you should try it out and see how much you can take on. This is for the sake of having experience with shooting this bow. It would help find your way around the Invader HP by way of practice, as you are better off with sufficient expertise. It also gives you a feel of the weapon, its suitability for you as well as how much effort it takes to cock it. All of this is for preparedness. 

You can start by sighting targets not so far off, say 20 yards away. After this, you can progress to more significant yardage and distances, from 30 to 40 yards. You want to do this because these are very appropriate standards for range while hunting. Twenty yards is right because you cannot get any closer to the animal without alerting it through movement or smell that a predator is lurking around. Forty yards is also a great distance because you cannot shoot any farther away from there. Attempting to do that would lead to missed targets because, honestly, not even the speed of an arrow flying out of an Invader HP can stop the work of gravity. Except, of course, you have exceptional skills or a machine for longer range hunting. 

When shooting at forty yards, you should be able to expect a cluster of firings that have mere inches between them; this is not unusual. Thirty yards is optimal because it puts you in between, not so far away and not too close. It is an appropriate distance for target practice. For longer range shooting, practicing at 50 to 75 yards away is an excellent choice. Visit Federal Hunting Laws for more information about hunting.

Using these distances and ranges, you would find satisfaction with the performance of the Invader HP. Keep it in mind that shooting at different points on a target is way better than repeatedly shooting at one point. That is because you can achieve more accuracy this way. Focusing on one spot would lead to problems like bolts and nuts nicking against each other. Also, shooting at different points with different distances saves you more money as you tend to use fewer arrows. Find out and learn more on Ohio hunting safety course.

Stay safe as you use this powerful crossbow; check all the arrows and the crossbow as damaged crossbows can lead to dangerous incidents.


The Invader HP is an amazing crossbow and has a really good price, it’s very accurate and it has really good power to take down even the large Northern America game. Let us know if you have tried this crossbow too! We would love to hear your experience on the comment section below. Make sure to also check out our review of the best low light binoculars for hunting. But if you want to know more about other crossbows, we have  lot of them just like this and the Mission MXB 360.

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