Parker Tornado F4

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  • It has compact design
  • The scope already has amount and it’s bore-sighted


  • It doesn’t have a rope cocking device
  • You need to use capture nocks and not flat or half moon nocks

The Parker Bows Tornado F4 is a crossbow with a draw weight of 165 LBS and has a very compact design that would benefit hunters. When ordering this from Amazon, this comes with a Parker Tornado F4 crossbow with stock and bow assembly, the assembly hardware and allen wrench, a 4 by 32mm multi reticle scope, 4 pieces arrow with quick detach quivers, 4 pieces 400 gr arrows with field tips, an instruction manual, a warranty card, and a Parker Bows sticker. Assembling this crossbow is easy, you could assemble this in just 10 minutes. This crossbow is powerful, it can shoot arrows at 340 FPS which means it could pack 103 ft per lb of kinetic energy behind them. The best mission crossbows can give you enough power for hunting games. As we got our scope, it was already sighted, but as we try to do some adjustments it has proven that it’s easy to sight. This crossbow is very accurate, we tried firing from 20 yards to 60 yards and it was very accurate. The downside is that this isn’t a lightweight crossbow, it weighs 8 LBS so we suggest you get padded slings since it already has swivels installed for them. For a man or woman with average strength, this could be cocked by hand but since its draw weight is 165 lbs, we suggest you use a hand crank cokcing device or a rope cocking device to make it easier and quicker. Our picks for Beginner Recurve Bow for practicing target shooting. The auto engaging feature of this crossbow is flawless, so is its anti dry fire mechanism. This has a lifetime warranty and their customer service is known to be very accomodating if you’d need to reach out to them. For more hunting tips, visit Best Deer Attractant.


Thank you for reading our review about the Parker Tornado F4, let us know what you think about this crossbow. If you have already tried it, let us know your experience in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you! Do you think this is the best youth crossbow out in the market? Do you still want to look at others? Checkout the Mission MXB 360, this one can compete with the Parker Tornado F4.

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