Mission MXB 360

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  • It’s not heavy
  • It’s easy to cock
  • It’s not noisy


  • It’s expensive
  • You have to choose the right arrow

When you get the Mission MXB 360, it’s already pre-assembled. It comes with a soft nylon pouch to make it easier for you to keep your gears together. You could choose from 4 package types but all of them comes with the nylon case, a scope, a quiver, and 3 pieces of custom weighted bolts. The package type comes with different quivers, the beginner package has Bohning Lynx quiver, and the other 3 cas the mission MX3 quiver. This one could reach 360 FPS which means it could whoop 115 ft per LBS of kinetic energy. Go for a Big Game Hunting Crossbow. This crossbow is designed for hunting, it’s light to keep you comfortable when hunting even if it’s on your shoulder for a long time. Read on to know more about Best Hunting BinocularsIt’s also one of the quietest crossbow in our whole website, when you shoot, there would be a very muted thud instead of a loud snap. This crossbow comes with the 22 inches standard arrow. However, you can visit Best Crossbow Pistol for hunting.  But if you purchase the 20 inches arrows make a difference in its performance. This is definitely a well built crossbow which is lightweight and easy to carry around. While this isn’t the crossbow for everyone because of its price, if you have the budget, it’s worth the purchase. Check this Deer Hunting Bibs for hunters.

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