TenPoint Venom

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  • It’s accurate
  • The scope is very good
  • It has everything you would need
  • It has an integrated rope cocking device


  • None

The Ten Point Crossbow comes with everything you would need to start using it the moment you get it. It has the ten Point crossbow, an AcuDraw cocking aid, an assembly hardware, a bowjax limb vibration dampeners, a quick detach quiver, 6 pieces Ten Point pro elite arrows, a RangeMaster pro scope, a warranty card, and a sample tube of oil for the rail. The performance of this crossbow is pretty good since it has good power and it’s also very accurate. This crossbow could fly arrows at 353FPS and hit the target with a kinetic energy of 118 feet per LBS. This crossbow is good enough for any legal game in the North part of America. We have tried it with a cape buffalo and the arrow ripped through his chest. This crossbow has an AcuDraw integrated rope cocking device because it would be a back breaker to cock this manually. The design of this crossbow is really nice and comfortable to carry around as you hunt. Check these best motion decoys for successful duck hunting.

Thus the reason why many people think it’s one of the best crossbow for women. It has a flawless anti-dry fire mechanism and safety,as well as an limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. This crossbow is one of the best crossbows we have encountered and the scope that comes with it is pretty good too. The dots of this crossbow could be illuminated with green or red. The brightness could be adjusted in 5 different levels. This crossbow has magnifies from 1.5 time to 5 times. The light transmission from this crossbow scope is also really good, and it helps a lot in shooting crisp and clean shots. For the usual crossbow, you would need to buy quality scopes but this one has a really nice, and high quality scope so there would be no need to replace it anymore. This is definitely one of the best youth crossbows out in the market


This crossbow is really good, we recommend this has great power, accuracy, performance, and it’s just on the right price. But you have more choices, we also have some of the Best long bows. If you have or have tried this, let us know on the comment section. We would love to hear from you! If you want something with more power you can check out our article about strongest crossbows and the best excalibur crossbows. Take your hunting to the next level with the Barnett Ghost 410.

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