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Just like any sport, the younger you start, the better you become when you get older. But, you definitely won’t be able to tell if your kid would be able to embrace this sport, or if this sport would be something that would last in your kids life. You definitely won’t want to spend money on something your kid won’t be using after a few months, so we have 4 best crossbows for the youth which are also good for your pocket. Find out and learn more on Ohio hunting safety course.

Picture Name My Verdict
Barnett Recruit Crossbow Package Fastest Crossbow Under $300 Check Price
Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Best Beginner Crossbow Check Price
SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package Easy Build Bow Check Price
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II Crossbow Best Recurve Bow Under $300 Check Price

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow

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  • It’s affordable
  • It’s accurate for entry-level players
  • It has good safety mechanism which is important for children
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It offers different velocities, draw weights, and colors.


  • String wears out fast
  • It has a basic red dot on the sight

This crossbow is the top of the line crossbow, it comes with an excellent safety system and an anti dry fire mechanism that has a low draw weight which is only 130 lbs and a total weight of 6.5lbs. This crossbow is easy to assemble and even beginners would be able to do it. It’s very precise and beginners would be able to achieve assembling it within 20 minutes. 

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow

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  • When used properly it has good safety features
  • For a youth crossbow, its velocity is great
  • It’s compact and very accurate
  • Its design is ergonomic


  • It doesn’t have a rope cocking device
  • It has a bolt alignment feature

Bushwacker Crossbow is redesigned to become steadier and more balanced on the target. It has an ergonomic stock and a vented forearm to add aesthetics and safety to the crossbow. For an 80 ft to lbs it delivers 300FPS. This one is a very good choice for the youth, with the right equipment, there’s nothing bad you could say about it. 

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

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  • It has everything you would need to get started
  • It is very easy to cock
  • It isn’t expensive
  • With its weight it’s easy to maneuver


  • The accuracy is not very consistent
  • You would need different bolts

If you still don’t know, crossbows would be fun for kids. This entry-level crossbow is not expensive but it’s already a good one. It would still make you feel like you’re hunting with a recurve bow though. With 240 FPS hunting deers would be easy. This has all the basic accessories and a padded sling. At the forearm it has a features vented stock and good safety mechanisms so you could leave your mind at peace while your kid is using it. 

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit

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  • Good for tight hunting spaces
  • It has good accuracy even in 50 yards


  • It’s heavy to cock
  • It has a basic sight but good enough

This crossbow is ready for hunting, it comes with a very good package. If you need a fully equipped and affordable package, this one would not disappoint. It delivers more than 235 FPS and is the best for small to medium games. Accuracy won’t be an issue with this one, it’s something more personal. It has a rope cocking device which makes cocking almost effortless and it’s very safe for youth crossbow players or hunters. Find the greatest selection of Bow Cases that protect your hunting gear.

Is it Safe to Give Your Child a Crossbow?

With appropriate precautions, there is no harm in giving a crossbow to the child; however, the upper weight limit has to be 200 pounds, which is usually considered standard weight. Usually, the cross four-way up to 10 pounds, but you can also find some crossbows that are lightweight and easy to handle for the kids. You can search for a crossbow that weighs only 7 Pounds or 8 Pounds, which is a great way to start. You will find out many lightweight options that do not offer excellent quality and at a reasonable price. And for that, you need to do a little more research to stumble upon the best crossbow available at budget-friendly prices and does not weigh a lot. 

Shooting from a crossbow can be a fun activity but requires a lot of attention from an adult when handled by a child. Besides the lightweight crossbow, one also needs to see if the child is old enough to handle a crossbow. The appropriate age can be 11 years or older.

Types of Crossbows for Children

You are then planning to buy a crossbow; you must understand the different types of crossbow available in the market. Each different style has another and unique characteristic that you can use. The common style includes the one and two-handed crossbows that are common among most uses.

Another crossbow style is a compound crossbow and recurve crossbow that is also such a modern style used among individuals. Reverse limb crossbow and reverse draw Technology crossbow are some other types you can find in the market. However, whenever you plan to buy the crossbow, you must understand what each type of these crossbows is capable of. You also need to check how incredibly they work for the beginners and the professionals.

Tips on Shooting the Youth Crossbow for Beginners

When you are shooting the crossbow, you must understand a little about how it works. For beginners, it is essential to learn how to shoot using the crossbow. A few tips and tricks can easily help you get past and should go smoothly. We can help you a little more in understanding a few steps of shooting the crossbow. If you are a beginner, it can be really helpful for you.

  • In the first step, the beginner has to cock the bow. This is a simple first step that can either be done manually by the user, or it is also crank-operated, which makes the whole lot easier for the beginners. When you are on the beginner’s level, you can try doing it with the Crank.
  • The next is an easy path that involves loading the crossbow. Securely place the crossbow while you load the arrow in the barrel. 
  • Now it is the most crucial part. You have to aim the bow but make sure to aim whether from the optical scope or mount scope of the bow. One other tip is not to wrap your thumb around the bow forearm while aiming. It can be dangerous, and you will not be able to aim correctly.
  • Now the last part is to squeeze the trigger while keeping your target aligned. Make sure the bow is placed appropriately. Taking a shot on the bow is the same as taking a shot on the gun or rifle. 

Pro tip: when looking for the crossbow for kids, do not go overboard. Choose the crossbow that has a fine quality but still is available in the budget-friendly range. Quality has to be a priority, but checking the price tag is also essential.

Consider the following features to choose the ideal youth crossbow. 

When finally purchasing the crossbow, one needs appropriate knowledge about the crossbow before purchasing one.

Below are some of the features and factors to consider before purchasing the crossbow.

Size and Weight For Children Crossbows 

The first two factors of the crossbow are the size and weight. When your primary concern is to get a crossbow for your child, you must know that he would not handle a super heavy crossbow. And to check how capable and comfortable he is holding a heavy crossbow, you can ask him to carry a heavy object and aim it to a position. If he can handle and hold the object with steady hands for up to 8 to 10 pounds, you know how heavy the crossbow can be.

Usually, for the youth and the kids, the crossbow can be between 7 to 10 pounds depending on the capability of the child to handle it. For the smaller kids, 7 lbs crossbow is the best.

Safety For Children Crossbows

The next factor to be careful about is the safety of the crossbow. In a beginner and a child is handling a crossbow, it is vital to take all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure they are safe when using it. A proper protocol needs to be followed before letting any child use a crossbow. A little education about safety when using the crossbow is essential among the individual and especially the children.

Weight and Power of the Draw (Ages 10-15)

Before using the crossbow, one has to make sure that the individual or the child can handle the draw weight of 150 pounds or more.

String and speed For Kid Crossbow

The speed is related to the string of the crossbow, and these strings can be customized just the way you want. Moreover, the speed of the string is measured by feet per second or FPS.


When getting the crossbow, you also need to check the warranty of the crossbow. Most crossbows come with a warranty of 5 years or more. It is better to check the warranty and see if you will be capable of getting the faulty parts changed if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old one has to be to use the crossbows?

When you are getting the youth crossbow, it can usually be used by the kids of 14 years or older. But for professional or Pro level crossbow, one has to be 18 years or older to be authorized. Here are the Popular Crossbow Companies.

What do you require before purchasing a youth crossbow?

One has to be at least 14 years or older and should also have a license for hunting for the purchase crossbow and practice it. A certificate of qualification for the crossbow is also needed when hunting. Also, remember it is not legal to hunt within 250 feet of any school playground for home. Also, if the area is covered by Church or farm, it is still illegal to hunt within 250 feet.

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