Most Popular Crossbow Companies (List Updated May 2024)

Who Invented the Crossbow?

It’s difficult to say which country invented the Crossbow since many different cultures independently developed it. However, technically speaking, the earliest use of firearms is recorded in China during 270 AD.

The Chinese were well into the Iron Age, where they discovered how to create iron weapons like swords, sabers, and spears. They also found ways to work steel (iron tempered with carbon) for tools like chisels and shovels – but guns weren’t much needed when people were still using bows and arrows or crossbows for hunting. The Chinese perfected their art of blacksmithing early on, before other civilizations caught up centuries later (Europeans came after), preceded by Indian smiths who used much the same.

Crossbow Banned in Olympics

The Crossbow was banned by the Olympics in 1976 for use in athletic competition because it created an unfair advantage, being much faster to reload than any comparable bow. But there are many sports where the use of a crossbow is not prohibited. For instance, some sportsmen hunt with them, or they are used for target practice.

Crossbows have been legal since at least the 1300s when Edward I issued an English statute entitled “Weaponed Persons,” also known as “An Ordinance Concerning the Lawful Bearing of Armour.” The Statute indicates that anyone who can afford it should be armed and that this arming should include bows and arrows, swords, daggers or knives, half pikes, or quarterstaffs.

Crossbow Accuracy Over Bows

Crossbows are more accurate than bows because crossbows have a much less detectable arc when the bolt is shot. This means that an inexperienced user will find it easier to maximize accuracy with a crossbow.

A bow can cause its string to be bent in a curve, so the arrow is no longer straight and begins moving towards either side of the bow, regardless of what materials were used in its construction. The nonlinear oscillatory motion of a bowed weapon requires mastering skills and training not needed for shooting with a high-powered compound or recurve rifle, even though both weapons use energy stored in their hinges to shoot projectiles. Crossbows allow expert marksman to carry around heavier draw weight for safer shooting from nearer distances.

The Reason Why Crossbows are Better Than Bow

A crossbow is better because it’s often seen as more accurate than a bow. It also can be loaded with much heavier ammunition than a bow, so it inflicts more damage on its target. And, it can penetrate heavy armor that may or may not have specialty protection against arrows.

But despite these advantages, the Crossbow is less efficient at penetrating light armor than arrows shot from a bow. Generally speaking, the main advantage of the Crossbow over other types of projectile weapons is the rate of fire. If you are shooting armored warriors at a close distance, chances are all your shots will miss them when it takes to shoot only one round from another ranged weapon like an arbalest or asymmetric composite bow.

Crossbows are Expensive

Crossbows and pistol crossbows are popular with many hunters today because they can be very accurate from long distances. They also don’t make much noise, which is nice if the hunter wants to get closer to their prey before shooting.

A person would have to research how much it costs, but it’s hard to put a number on it since people buy them for different reasons and come in various designs. Crossbows can be expensive because there is a lack of mass production companies that specialize in only making these specific types of weapons, but they tend to range between $150-$500 depending on what type you’re looking for.

Do Crossbows Hold Their Value?

Yes, because there are very few who used crossbows to devalue the purchases.

In other words–they hold their value better than fishing poles or snowblowers because they have a higher price tag and fewer purchasers. They’re generally worth it if you plan on hunting a lot of deer with your bow. Crossbows offer a much easier shot at close range that can be fired from any angle, unlike guns or rifles that require bullets or arrows that might miss the target. The only drawback is that they take more time to set up and aim, but it’s an excellent weapon for those who want one–especially for hunting purposes where accuracy is crucial!

Most Expensive Crossbow in the World

The most expensive Crossbow in the world is the LEM crossbow.

This handcrafted bow can be built to specific sizes and personal preferences. It’s also been used for hunting, agriculture, military training, and law enforcement. It’s made of a complex steel tubing design with an eclectic mix of metal pieces that include titanium, carbon fiber, and stainless steel, all riveted together with a variety of pins. Colored Kevlar on the sling ensures a smooth draw with no binding or chafing noise from rubbing materials against one another as they’re drawn before being released.

Homemade Crossbows are Illegal

Manufacturing an “artificial gun” by making a crossbow is illegal in Canada under Section 2 of the Criminal Code. The fact that you are prohibited from possessing any firearm should preclude the need to try to skirt the law with a homemade version.

The material used to make something determines its classification, not how it looks or what you intend to do with it. Even if people have good intentions when using their fabrication skills to create homemade crossbows – which can be made out of old drawer handles, hockey sticks, and other types of boards, zip ties, and bungee cords – they are still breaking laws about firearms possession in Canada.

List of Top Manufacturers of Crossbows in the World

  • Allen
  • Barnett
  • Bear Witness Designs
  • Benelli
  • Bowtech

Manufacturers with international prominence are crossbow-makers like Allen Custom Crossbows (the USA) and Barnett Crossbows (UK).

The U.S.-based company Allen has been producing bows for over 20 years now at Riverton, Wyoming.

Allen Crossbows

Allen is an authority on all things related to crossbows. They’re involved in everything from design and engineering to quality control and distribution. Many of the models they produce are their inventions; many more are innovations they’ve pioneered by adapting tools initially designed for use with archery equipment.

Barnett Crossbows

James Barnett and Harold Cathro founded the Barnett Crossbows company in 1969 to create a simple, inexpensive crossbow that surpassed the quality of those available at that time.

Today, their flagship Model 2900 is constructed using laminated wood with an aluminum rail and frame for strength. The Model 3100 is made from 100% carbon fiber for an unparalleled weight-to-power ratio and less wind resistance. And it’s engineered by experts who know precisely what you need now—and will need tomorrow. Its backpedal design ensures swift target acquisition – perfect for any hunt: big game, turkeys, or varmints – whatever your preference may be! Barnett Crossbows always delivers!

Parker Bows

Parker bows is a major crossbow manufacturer.

Some people also equip crossbows with a trigger mechanism to be held and fired more like a rifle. These unique triggers are available from KVAR Inc., QAD Inc., Mission Archery, or Horton Archery. Most of these triggers use a lever release system instead of the traditional two-finger motivation found on most models.

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