TenPoint Turbo GT

TenPoint Turbo GT Review- Compound Crossbow

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  • It is properly manufactured
  • It comes with everything you need
  • It is very easy to cock
  • It has a crisp optics that makes it accurate
  • And it is also fast


  • It does not have integrated suppressors

The contents available inside the TenPoint Turbo GT package includes

  • A wicked Ridge fast release quiver
  • Three 100-grain field points
  • A camo stock
  • Three wicked Ridge 20 inches Ranger carbon crossbow arrows.
  • An ACUdraw device for cocking the crank
  • A 3X TenPoint Multi-Line scope

Design, Safety and Accuracy of TenPoint Turbo GT:

The TenPoint Turbo GT has a very high quality camo design that would not peel off easily. It also has a strong and properly built crossbow. To save on weight the forward grip is partially skeletonized and when you grip it with your forward hand it has a sort of nice wide feel.  It has a unique oversized reinforced nylon safety wings that is much wider and longer than on most crossbow, and this is for the purpose of eradicating straying thumbs or fingers from getting into the string path. The best popup Duck blinds are built for comfort.

To assemble this Tenpoint Turbo GT is straight forward and quite easy. There is need to lubricate the cable guide before coupling so as to make sure there is no resistance or obstruction as it slides into place. Once you can follow the instructions step-by-step, the quick detach mount quiver bracket would seem so easy to assemble. Also, the fact that the trigger guard does not go all the way rear the trigger is quite different, but as soon as you realize that you can shoot this even while wearing heavy gloves, then it begins to make more sense.

So the Turbo GT do not get fired by accident or without an arrow in place it has a Dry Fire Inhibitor, and the auto safety means that the user will always have the safety in the “on” position immediately after cocking the cocking device, and would manually detach the safety to fire a shot. The Tenpoint turbo GT has amazing features for shooters of all skill levels.

Hunting with the TenPoint Turbo GT

In no time the Turbo GT would be every hunter’s dream crossbow. In places where other crossbows would not fit the Turbo GT allows you to hunt in that environment. The camo design can do well to blend with different backgrounds, and the long forward grip will offer you a stable platform as well as comfort if you decide to have a shooting rest. The quiver is also built in such a way that you can easily shoot from a brush or blind without having cause to remove it should you want to.

Cocking the Turbo GT

By using the ACUdraw crank cocker that comes with the Turbo GT, cocking the Turbo GT is an absolute walk over. All you do is to remove the crank handle from underneath the stock, disengage the crank and bring the cocking mechanism onward onto the string. Then you turn the crank to return the string back to its fully drawn point. This is to say that without having to use the foot stirrup the crank is certainly easy to turn. Either way, a smaller framed shooter would find it useful to use the foot stirrup to brace the crossbow while cranking, but the fact is with the ACUdraw you use very little force to cock the Turbo GT, it could be done while holding the crossbow with your hand.

What arrows can be used with the Turbo GT

Three standard 20 inch carbon arrows come with the Turbo GT and are all of extremely consistent weight and also very well tuned. The total weight is about 428 grains when combined with a 100-grain point, thus offering a perfect mix of punch and speed. Be sure you don’t go any longer than 20 inches if you choose to look into aftermarket arrows, as the point may extend too far off the end of the barrel, and each time it is loaded, it would get hung up in tight corners. For consistency of weight and accuracy, it is advised you order additional arrows from a trusted retail outlet.

Quality of the Optics

The 3X scope included in the Turbo GT is a good scope for matching the crossbow’s ability. To give room for a very accurate shot placement it has a super crisp optics. Shooting at various ranges is made very easy with its multiple aim points (20, 30, and 40 yards), and it is also an ideal optic for hunting in low light conditions with the green/red illuminated reticle in it.

How loud is the Turbo GT

Even if you notice a bit of snap when you shoot, the Turbo GT is reasonably quiet given the high draw weight. Looking into a set of string stops would be a good idea if you plan to hunt with it because there is no integrated suppression system in the Tenpoint Turbo GT. To further reduce the sound of the Turbo GT you can also add limb and frame suppressors. It is also recommended that you don’t overlook the stirrup if you choose to add suppressors, as much of the vibrations and sound end up focused on the furthest point forward of the crossbow. Go for a Big Game Hunting Crossbow.

To cap it up:

The TenPoint Turbo GT has been proved to be a fast, easy to shoot and accurate crossbow. Everything you require to get started comes with the package and would be great hunting tool for many years. Tenpoint Turbo GT is one of the best youth crossbows available in the market today. It has been made easy to cock with the ACUdraw, (even if you may think a rope cocker can actually do the job) only a few bucks is going to be required for your continuous convenience. With the power and speed of this crossbow it is a super great tool to keep your freezer from continuously been stocked with meat. If it is a small game hunting, deer or elk hunting, moose or bear hunting, or target shooting you want to undertake, the Turbo GT crossbow is a very useful tool. This could be considered as one of the best crossbow for women out in thee industry.

Draw Weight- 175Ibs


The Tenpoint Turbo GT is pretty powerful, it even comes with a lot of great features and is sold as a crossbow package. Any Tenpoint crossbow come with good features that are definitely worth buying. They have different type of features like an ambidextrous side mount quiver, some has a pro view 2 scope, they have those with 360 fps,  that’s why we like to review Tenpoint crosswbows, they have different varieties. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section. If you want a stronger crossbow check out our article for the strongest crossbows or checkout the Wicked Ridge Invader HP. If you are thinking about long bows, we also have our research on the Best long bows.

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