CenterPoint Sniper 370

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  • It’s very compact
  • Tactical stock and forearm is fully adjustable
  • It comes with a scope


  • It’s front heavy
  • The tactical feels flimsy but isn’t really

First of all, you have to know that the instructions that this one comes from is pretty vague but if you already have experience with setting up a crossbow you wouldn’t have any problem. So, if you’re a newbie then ask help from someone who has experience because the manual isn’t very helpful. You may also see this for Hunting Seat CushionThis isn’t very light or small but it remains compact enough to haul around cross country and hunt on a tree stand or blind. When this is uncocked it measures 21.5” wide and it becomes 18” when cocked. It’s 7.9 LBS so it won’t be too exhausting to carry around nor would it lead to back pain. It also comes with a shoulder sling which is very very helpful and every crossbow should come with. Since it has a draw weight of 185 LBS, it comes with a cocking device which makes it easier to draw and safer too. This one is fully capable of taking down the largest legal game available. While it does have some front heaviness, that’s something common with most of the crossbows. You can also check out these best low light binoculars.

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