How To Sight a Crossbow

Sighting a bow could seem like a burden but turn into an easy task, but as a beginner who has never done it before, you might think it’s very hard, time consuming, and you might even hate this procedure.. Sighting a scope somehow varies from different scopes because different models come with different adjustment knobs. But don’t worry, the basic procedure is the same, the only thing different is the extra adjustments or the values, to be sure you are doing the right thing, read the booklet that comes with your crossbow. Find a Portable Power Station that can be best for you.

Before starting, you have to understand the reticles and the dots:

When it comes to the reticles and dots, your goal is to zero them to a specific distance. Unless instructed otherwise by the manufacturer it’s always 20 yards. When we say zero, we mean you make sure that the dot or the reticle is aligned for hitting targets from the yard distance which would usually be 20 yards.

Then you have to know about the windage and elevation adjustment knobs:

On every scope, there are two knobs to use to sight your crossbow. The windage adjustment knob is on the side of the scope and would let you adjust the point of impact right and left. The elevation adjustment knob which is on top of the scope would allow you to adjust up and down. These are covered by plastic protective cups which you would remove to make adjustments. The knobs also come with marks on how they adjust to let you easily know which knob is the elevation and windage knob. Tio adjust the knobs, you would be needing a coin or screwdriver. Make sure you carry one around when you’re on the field.

You should also be familiar with the adjustment knob clicks:

When you turn the adjustment knobs, you would be hearing a click. Every click would represent a unit of adjustment made. It’s measures in minutes of angle. 1 click is ¼ inches adjustment at a hundred yard distance. If your scope uses a different value for every click it would be in the booklet so make sure you read it.

  1. Stand 20 yards away from your target. Using a rope pr crank aid, cock your crossbow. Seat an arrow. Align the red dot on the top most to the bullseye. Using the tip of your index finger squeeze the trigger quickly. Repeat it 3 times. (You’ll be shooting three arrows). 
  2. Go to your target and estimate how far your arrow group would need from the sides, top and bottom to hit the bullseye. This is when you use the adjustment knobs. Remember the clicks, okay? Adjust it the way ti needs to be.
  3. Stand exactly the same, 20 yards away and align the top most red dot the to bullseye again, then fire 3 shots. What usually happens is that adjustment would still be needed. So again, approach your target, determine the adjustments needed and adjust the knob again. Do step 1 again and hopefully you get the bullseye. If not, repeat the adjustments until you get the bullseye.

What You Need to Keep in Mind:

  1. It’s okay to take long to adjust it right, don’t give up. Eventually your skills would improve and you would be able to sight your bow easily and faster. Sighting a bow takes ten to thirty minutes on average but it’s okay to take longer in your first time.
  2. Don’t lose the protective plastic caps of your adjustment knobs because you need to put them back. So whenever you remove it, put it in your pocket to make sure it doesn’t get lost. This is something very easy to lose and tends to disappear a lot.
  3. To make sure that you accurately sight your crossbow, you need to shoot in tight arrow groups. You’ll know it’s a matter of sighting when it lands inside the bullseye, and your aim and technique if it’s in a tight group or not.
  4. Read your booklet so you’re sure that you are actually adjusting the correct values. Newer sights come with different values so it’s better to be sure. Also, there are also other important notes on the booklet that would be good t take note of.

Make sure that you work more on your arrow grouping so that you could sight your crossbow better and more accurately. You see, this might sound like something that would take so much time or something very easy but it’s an important procedure to do for the accuracy of your crossbow sight. This would eventually be very easy when you get the hang of it. At first you might hate this procedure but once you learn how to do it you would appreciate doing this procedure. 

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