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Carbon Express is an incredible company known to build cutting-edge bows that are distinct from others in the market. Their parts are exceptional and customizable so that you can set it according to your preference. When talking about accuracy, all their crossbows has an accuracy of that of a good .22LR rifle. That makes it one of the best crossbows for professional hunters.

With a Carbon Express crossbow in the wild, you don’t ever need to worry about missing a target. They are very lethal, accurate, and lightweight. As a compound crossbow, the design is a little bit complicated and as thus, would require regular maintenance and care.

All Carbon Express crossbows come with a 5-year limited warranty and, according to numerous users, is more than enough time to discover any manufacturer defect. But so far, the reviews have been positive. The only obvious downside is probably the weight. Their crossbows are more massive than the average weight, and aside from this, they are imposing during a hunt.

If you’re looking to buy the best Carbon Express crossbows, this article will guide you.

Picture Name My Verdict
Carbon Express intercept supercoil Easy to Assemble Check Price
Carbon Express Covert CXE SL Very Fast and Durable Check Price
Carbon Express CX-2 Powerful and Accurate Check Price

1 - Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil

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  • It comes with customizable parts
  • Very fast and accurate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for shooting both small and large game hunting


  • Takes a little bit longer to assemble

This fantastic crossbow is very easy to assemble, although it takes more time compared to other crossbows. The reason for this is no doubt the customizable parts, thereby allowing you to configure according to your preference. If you love fancy, then you’re getting the right tool. The Picatinny design platforms give you the overall design control over the forearm, stock, quiver, and lots more using military and commercial AR parts.

The accuracy and power of this crossbow are pretty impressive. After setting up the crossbow, head out and try testing out the crossbow’s accuracy. Using the scope, you will discover that you can shoot targets as far as 70 yards away. The farther, the less accurate it becomes. With the speed of 360fps and a 122 ft. Lbs. Kinetic energy, it is faster than an average crossbow.

With this impressive crossbow in the wild, you will be able to shoot down targets without even looking. It cuts open swiftly without causing suffering to the creature.

2 - Carbon Express Covert CXE SL

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  • The deluxe scope is of high-quality material
  • The arrows are of excellent quality too
  • It is lightweight and powerful
  • Very fast and durable


  • It is heavier than an average crossbow

After unboxing this Incredible weapon, the first thing you will undoubtfully notice is the foot stirrup. It is somewhat different from every other you’ve ever seen. To assemble this fantastic piece is very easy, and within ten minutes, you’re ready to shoot. New users often think that foot stirrup is going the wrong way. However, that is intentional. The aim was to ensure you stand on the stirrup than put your foot through it. By so doing, you’re able to yield more stable foot stirrup.

The accuracy and power of this Carbon Express crossbow are remarkable. It delivers at a speed of 355fps and kinetic energy of 119 ft. Lbs. That is incredibly huge. It can knock down any game blocks away without struggling. The scope is pretty much edgy and comes perfectly sighted right in the box. The accuracy is also extraordinary, as it can accurately shoot a target from 75 yards away.

If you’re looking for the best Carbon Express crossbow, then this might be the deal.

3 - Carbon Express CX-2

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  • Powerful and accurate
  • Lightweight and excellent quality
  • Comes with high-quality arrows


  • The scope is not very good
  • The trigger is hard and long to pull

This crossbow comes with lots of accessories, and it’s ready to shoot after assembling. When it comes to explaining the assembly process, the manual is pretty detailed and easy to follow. Mounting the riser is quick and easy. The fact is, assembling this fantastic tool is takes less than fifteen minutes.

When it comes to accuracy and power, this crossbow didn’t slack. With the CX-2 scope, you will be able to sight without any adjustment. When you shoot as far as 50 yards, you will be able to maintain 1″ groupings, and that’s impressive. It is a mighty crossbow, with a 200-draw weight and 14.5″ power stroke. It has a speed of 385fps, which is very impressive and lethal while on a hunt. The kinetic energy is 132 ft. Lbs., and is capable of blasting through anything without hurdles. 

Carbon Express Accessories

Carbon Express Bolts

Carbon Express makes one of the best bolts in the market, and it’s hard finding such these days. They are available in 20″ or 22″ lengths. It is carbon made arrows with impressive flight qualities.

Carbon Express Case

CX currently has two cases, and they are all impressive, depending on its purpose. Both products can accommodate any Carbon Express crossbow, with additional compartments for the quiver and arrows. It has about nine extra internal and external pockets for all your accessories.

Carbon Express Cocking Devices

This accessory is an excellent addition to your tool and makes for better cocking. The manufacturers made this cocking device to enhance the smooth experience while on a hunt.

Carbon Express Scopes and Sights

Carbon Express crossbows have a lot of accessories, which no doubt always improve the functionality of the crossbows. They also have a shooting stick to provide stability when taking a long-distance shot.


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