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  • It only weighs 440g. Thus it is easy to carry and shoot
  • Unique recoil compensation design significantly decreases the shooter's shoulder impact during shooting, ensuring a prolonged shooting experience
  • The flexible bow arm collar keeps noises and vibrations down when shooting. The simple bow arm replacement procedure ensures that the Carbon Knight Bow can endure intensive training or competitions without major replacements, which drastically improves its durability during use
  • Along with the short length of 31~33 inches (79~84 cm), the Carbon Knight Bow has an extensive range of applications on various occasions, including hunting or sporting competitions such as 3D archery by many professional shooters in China


  • Carbon Knight Bows are 10% heavier than standard bows
  • It deals ~1.5 damage less per level of strength than a Standard Bow
  • A player who wants to wield the powerful technology of Carbon Knight Bows will have to expend extra energy if they do not meet all the requirements

Carbon Knight Bows is the first company in the world to offer its customers a lifetime warranty on all of its bows. They are also one of 4 bow companies that have achieved an IBO speed rating of over 320 fps. Carbon Knight has decided from day 1 to set themselves apart by going against traditional industry standards and offering something no other bow company can: A Lifetime Warranty.

What is the Carbon Knight Bow?

The Carbon Knight Bow has versatility and forgiveness not found in other recurve bows. Due to its shape, it gives an archer the ability to angle with ease because of natural camming.

You can tune the bow for any arrow (practice arrow, plastic/wooden arrow, carbon arrows) because the material provides a natural grip when release is applied.

This nature of the bow means that if you are shooting your practice arrows with a right-handed or left-handed bow release, then there will always be enough “grip” from the material so that releasing your practice arrows does not seem slippery at all.

Moreover, even beginners have very high success rates in shooting their shots. The product’s composition and design allow that.

Details About the Product


The Riser of the Carbon Knight Bow is handcrafted from carbon fiber, and it features a traditional and stylish design.

Although viewed by many as an upgrade, it has some new design elements for a more versatile shooting experience. The sear surfaces on both limbs are rebounding style and help to make stringing much easier. This bow includes a built-in sighting system that also comes with peep sight quiver mounts on the top limb for use with any compatible accessories. It offers enhanced technology, improved shooting ability, reduced setup time, and greater versatility when compared to your average recurve bow product.


Carbon Knight Bow is such a high-quality bow that it will be your life companion. It is so remarkably well-engineered and constructed. You’ll find yourself wondering if someone’s been messing with you! That, or perhaps the legendary blacksmiths of old, weren’t wrong after all. The carbon compound has never been used in a weapon to this extent before, but using solid-state carbon material right down to the micro-level structural density is fantastic. In effect, every atom in its construction is high quality. Carbon Wood showcases unparalleled performance capabilities while maintaining traditional styling that other brands cannot match.

Other brands can’t beat the grip for resilience and long-term satisfaction! You will never have to replace your Carbon Knight Bow grip because any attack bounces off.

Cam System

The Cam System of the Carbon Knight Bow is a system designed for convenience. You will not find different draw lengths or Picatinny rails, but you will discover accuracy and efficiency in both taste and power at any given range. The bow does not have mechanisms to make it shoot faster, so if you are looking for speed rather than force, then this model may be more suited to your needs. For those who need an easy-to-use bow with excellent quality, then the Carbon Knight Bow is perfect.

The Cam System includes an ambidextrous riser grip that allows right-handed users and left-handed ones a comfortable grip without sacrificing performance or versatility. At the same time, its machined aluminum alloy construction decreases weight and increases durability enough so that even.


Everyone who has seen the Carbon Knight Bow has commented on how beautiful it is. The carbon fiber and graphics are just breathtaking, but more importantly, they make drawing feel effortless. You get a sense of the design behind this bow with its smooth finish and perfect balance in your hand.

From antiquity to the modern day, we know that warriors have always been proud to showcase their skills with whatever weapon they carry each day. With so much care put into bows these days due to hunting or archery sports, carbon fiber has emerged as an elegant solution for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd without paying all those high-end prices but still get a top-of-the-line product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does the Carbon Knight Bow Perform?

Answer: As the Carbon Knight Bow is made of carbon fiber, it has a lot more power but does not last too long. Compared to a traditional compound bow, the Carbon Knight Bow is much easier on your hands and arms when pulling back.

The Carbon Knight Bow has that “perfect” draw strength because it doesn’t loosen up as you shoot as a traditional compound bow will do. It’s more comfortable to hold onto for more extended periods without having hand cramps or tiring out (as you would with regular compound bows). Because of this, you can use the Carbon Knight Bow for activities such as hunting and shooting competitions.

Is the Carbon Knight Bow Suitable for Hunting?

Answer: The Carbon Knight can be used for hunting if used correctly to compensate for the arrow wobble.

Its nature means shooting an animal in line with its body and not concentrating on “precision” shooting as one would typically try when using a polycarbonate or aluminum compound bow. However, most hunters nowadays prefer to use crossbows because of their ease of use and uniqueness in design.

The Carbon Knight Bows are high performance, lightweight and durable. The perfect balance of strength to weight ratio is a bow that will satisfy any hunter’s needs. Whether for hunting or target practice, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow is the ideal choice. Comment below if you think this may be the right bow for you!

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