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  • Comes complete when you buy it
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Great performance
  • Lightweight


  • Some parts could be better
  • Scope has some limits
  • The overall build could be better

The PSE fang 350 crossbow is a high-quality product perfect for novice and experienced shooters alike. Its precision engineering and lightweight frame make it easy to carry in the field, while the included package of arrows ensures you’re ready to take your shot when you see your target. Order yours today and experience the power and accuracy of PSE!

Detail About PSE Fang 350

PSE fang crossbows are a popular choice for crossbow hunters. The PSE Fang 350 is a lightweight crossbow that offers speed and accuracy, with rates up to 360 fps (feet per second). This crossbow has an adjustable stock from 19-inches out to 30 inches so that it will fit just about anyone perfectly.

PSE fang crossbows shoot at speeds of 360 feet per second, meaning they are best suited for hunting boars as well as deer. The crossbows are light enough for hunters to carry them all day long.

The crossbow has a trigger pull of only three pounds, making it easier to handle than some other crossbows on the market. When you’re ready to shoot, use your fingers or thumb and press down until the safety is off – that’s it! No need to worry about cocking racks or anything else complicated.

PSE fang crossbows have an anti-dry fire feature built-in, and limb savers installed right out of the box, so there won’t be any damage done when you don’t have arrows equipped with the crossbow either. This bow allows more time spent hunting instead of worrying about whether or not your gear will get damaged.

PSE crossbows can be used for both hunting and target practice, making them a very versatile crossbow option. When you buy this crossbow from Barnett, it comes with an illuminated scope that’s perfect for shooting in low light conditions or when the sun goes down on your hunt. The scope has four lenses, so there won’t be any blurry images when the crossbow is fired – just clear shots every time!

The crossbow comes with an adjustable stock from 19 inches all the way out to 30, which will fit just about anyone perfectly. It also features limb saver technology making them more durable than other crossbows on the market nowadays without any damages or cracks in limbs. The anti-dry fire mechanism makes it easy to shoot this crossbow by just pulling trigger fingers only without cocking racks required too! 

The crossbow has a trigger pull of only three pounds, making it easier to handle than some other crossbows on the market. When you’re ready to shoot, use your fingers or thumb and press down until the safety is off – that’s it! No need to worry about cocking racks or anything else complicated. 

The design is built explicitly for crossbow hunters and crossbow target practicing. 

Overall, the PSE Fang crossbow is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality crossbow that you can use for both hunting and target practicing. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around all day long, while its adjustable stock ensures a perfect fit for any hunter. 

The illuminated scope with four lenses offers clear shots in low light conditions, and the crossbow itself provides up to 95 ft-lbs of kinetic energy – more than enough to take down even the most giant game! So if you’re in the market for a new crossbow, the PSE Fang 350 should be at the top of your list.

Common Questions About PSE Fang 350

What Comes With The PSE fang 350?

The PSE fang 350 comes with a crossbow. It’s a great starter crossbow for anyone just getting into the sport of bowhunting. It has a lightweight design and shoots bolts at up to 350 feet per second, making it perfect for taking down a medium-sized game. The fang 350 is also easy to assemble and use, so you’ll be able to start hunting right away.

Will Hunters Enjoy The PSE fang 350?

If you’re in the market for a crossbow, the PSE fang 350 is just right for you. This crossbow is a fantastic machine. It’s lightweight so that you can use it on all terrains without much effort, including hillsides typical in suburban areas these days. 

The arrows they’ve used are perfect because it has small steel tips, so there is no chance of people being inadvertently hit by arrows from other hunters or naturally occurring things such as birds or squirrels. 

How’s the Accuracy and Power of the PSE fang 350?

The PSE fang 350 has a rigid frame, windmill-style trigger, and anti-dry firing safety mechanism. It is made of aluminum for a lightweight advantage.

How’s the Safety of PSE fang 350?

Crossbows are not considered firearms by the United States government, and as such, are not subject to the same regulations. There have been no independent studies on the safety of PSE fang 350 crossbows. They may be less safe than traditional bows, as they have a higher draw weight and can cause more damage if misused. Always use caution when operating a crossbow and read all safety instructions before use.

How’s the design of the PSE fang 350?

You can use this crossbow for varmint hunting, small game hunting, and the like. It may lack the power of comparable larger models, but its lightweight will serve it well for many hunts at close ranges. It has all-metal construction that’s durable, bordering on tough, which is perfect if you’re carrying it through rough country or forests loaded up with gear. 

The PSE fang 350 can be used for varmint hunting, small game hunting, and the like. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to use out in rough country or forest.

What’s the warranty for the PSE fang 350?

It’s always wise to make sure your crossbow is fitted correctly because even low-poundage bows will generate significant forces at the point of impact. These forces can, in some cases, be enough to cause injury or even death! For this reason, you must wear protective clothing and gear before shooting a crossbow. If the wrong type of bolt is used with your bow, this may lead to injury or death – so please consult our product page before purchasing bolts for your crossbow.

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