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What do we mean by recurve-bow?

A recurve bow is what our ancestors used for hunting thousands of years ago. You can imagine a bow and an arrow, and I’m pretty sure it would be a recurve bow. The recurve bow is the simplest of all the arching instruments we are familiar with today. It consists of a bow and a sole string to catapult the arrow. In a recurve bow, there are no modern extras like pulleys or cables. Recurve bows are the purest of the bows and are a treat for the archery purists.

Types of recurve bows:

  • Traditional One Piece Recurve Bow

As the name suggests, these are the bows most of us are familiar with from a young age. The components of the traditional one-piece are made of wood layers.  

  • Takedown Recurve Bow

Takedown recurve Bows come with efficient portability advantage and are manufactured with the help of metals like aluminum. You have to assemble the parts before it takes the shape of a bow.

  • LongBows

Mostly used for shooting and target practicing, Longbows are still the preferred choice of many archers because of the sheer raw power these transmit to the arrow. If you want a true shooting experience, Longbows are worth-trying. 

Recurve Bows available in the market

Picture Name My Verdict
OEELINE Airobow - One Piece Recurve Bow Comfortable grip Check Price
TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow Available at different draw weights Check Price
Southwest Archery Ghost Flemish strings are compatible with this bow Check Price
D&Q Hunting Recurve Bow Versatility in the usage Check Price
October Mountain Night Ridge ILF Recurve Bow Extreme power and accuracy Check Price

OEELINE Airobow - One Piece Recurve Bow

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  • Highly strong bow because of the fiberglass used in its construction
  • 54-inch design size is not much hard to carry around
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great accuracy at a reasonable price
  • Comes with a 6-months official warranty


  • Arrows not included in the package
  • Not good enough for professional shooting
  • Inadequate shooting speed for big hunts

Oeeline is one of the most successful recurve-bow brands. It is known for producing high-quality bows at reasonable prices. Airobow is one of its hot-selling products. It is a versatile bow, which can be used for hunting as well as target practicing. This bow has a recommended draw length of 28 inches, which falls into the medium category of recurve bows, but it is still capable of short-range hunting and shooting. Being a one-piece bow, you’ll find some difficulty carrying it around, but you have to bear a little for a truly pure experience.

TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow

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  • Good quality at a reasonable price
  • Excellent for beginners and occasional archers
  • Fiberglass limb means extra strength.
  • Available at different draw weights
  • Good for short-range target practicing and hunting


  • Not a professional bow
  • Actual string installation can be a bit difficult if you are a beginner
  • No arrows or accessories with the package

Toparchery traditional recurve bow is available on Amazon for around $80. This bow can be used to cater to your shooting and hunting craving. The fiberglass limb gives it an extra pack of strength. If you are a beginner or someone who used his bows occasionally, this bow will be a good choice for you. At $80, it won’t be hard on your pocket, and with the efficient build quality, it will be of great comfort for your muscles as well. The bow comes with a temporary bowstring, which you’ll remove and put on another string that also comes with the package.

Southwest Archery Ghost

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  • Available for both right & left-hand users
  • Available in various draw weights ranging from 20lbs to 50lbs
  • Flemish strings are compatible with this bow
  • Comes with a step by step assembly guide
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty included with the package


  • Stringer tool is optional, so you have to pay extra for it
  • No arrows included with the package
  • The shooting range is not enough for low draw weights

Southwest Archery has made its name for manufacturing high-quality takedown bows in recent times. Ghost is another addition to its vast offerings. Ghost is a 64″ takedown longbow suitable for professional hunting and shooting. It is a modern longbow, created by engineers using natural wood, but with modern technology. You will get a feature-rich bow in the medium price category if you purchase Southwest Archery’s Ghost. Along with the bow, you will get a package full of accessories, including plungers, bow fishing reel, stabilizers, and quivers. For your safety, you should use a stringer tool to assemble and disassemble your expensive bow.

D&Q Hunting Recurve Bow

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  • A complete package with all accessories
  • High-Quality fiberglass arrows are included in the package
  • High shooting power with great accuracy
  • Versatility in the usage
  • Available in drawback weight of your choice


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not for beginners due to the high price
  • Only available for right-handed archers

D&Q hunting recurve bow is expensive yet comes with the complete set of accessories you’d ever need. Available at various draw weights, D&Q’s takedown bow is a gift that every one of the archers would like to receive. This is a professional bow available to choose from various draw weights from 30lbs to 50 lbs. You can use this powerful takedown recurve bow professionally for hunting and long-range shooting. You will find the grip comfortable and won’t feel any problem doing ling sessions. You will find a stringer tool that will make the assembly process easy for you.

October Mountain Night Ridge ILF Recurve Bow

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  • Extreme power and accuracy
  • Available in various draw weights
  • Aluminum riser for extra strength and less weight
  • Comes with a Dacron Flemish String
  • All tools and accessories come with the package


  • An expensive bow
  • Arrows are not included with the package
  • Has to be used with care

Night Ridge is a high end recurve bow available in the market. It is a professional bow with refined construction. To meet modern hunting requirements, this bow has short limbs compared to other modern bows. You can use this bow for long-range target practicing and hunting bigger animals like deer and elks if allowed in your state.

Recurve bows have always been the first choice of archers in the past and the present. Due to their rather simpler build, usability, and reasonable price bracket, both beginners and professionals are fans of recurve bows.

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