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  • A treat for beginners being cheap and reliable
  • Superb camo finishing on limbs
  • Excellent quality of string and limbs
  • Trustable safety measures
  • Precise targeting up to short ranges


  • Inadequate speed for hunting
  • The scope is nonilluminated and of medium quality
  • No cocker rope with the package

The Parker Bushwacker 150 is a modern crossbow that comes with an aggressive design that everyone loves. Made by Parker Compound Bows Inc., this crossbow is the perfect combination of style and utility. The eye-catching colors of the stock, limbs, and grip will surely be a pleasure for your eyes once you open the box for the first time. It comes with all the parts and screws you would need for assembling the crossbow. For a person who knows how to tighten screws, it won’t take more than 20 minutes to set up the Parker Bushwacker 150. Although, some sellers on Amazon include crossbow arrows, and some don’t. The high performing Gordon Glass limbs are reliable for long sessions regularly, and limbs also being lightweight don’t add much to your crossbow’s overall weight. The target precision is good. The safety features are also included, like a shoulder plate, to help eliminate the better portion of the recoil and anti-dry fire mechanism. All in all, you’ll be getting a ferocious-looking crossbow (as any crossbow should be) with good (not great) speed and accurate targeting capability.

Package and Assembly:

The first thing you will be greeted with when you open the package is a box with all the pictures and salient features of the Parker Bushwacker 150. Opening the box, you’ll find all the parts placed well in a tidy manner. Components you’ll get inside the box include the crossbow, string, and cocking stirrup, a Red Hot brand 4 power scope, string wax, and a quiver. The inclusion of the required assembly tools inside the box is welcoming, as you don’t have to run looking for the compatible tools in your home. Included in the box is a lifetime warranty card from Parker Compound Bows Inc.

The assembly process is very easy. The necessary screws and bolts, as well as the tools, are provided with the box. For a beginner, the assembly could be a little problem, but the owner’s manual comes in handy. Following the instruction given in the manual will lead you to a working Parker Bushwacker 150 within 20 minutes. Stock is already setup. In the first step, you have to fasten the quiver mount to the main stock. In the next step, you can attach the riser to the stock with compatible bolts as mentioned in your owner’s manual. The last step is to attach cocking stirrup and clamp the scope on the main stock, and the crossbow is ready to shoot.

Quality of the Product:

You will be impressed by the quality and the design of the Parker Bushwacker 150. Each part is well designed. There are no manufacturing faults, and the parts fit in with each other seamlessly. The camo finish feels good, and it will not be fading anytime soon. As for the extra safety, the fore-grip is vented to keep your fingers away and safe. The shoulder plate is good enough to cut down the recoil for the shooter. An Anti-Dry Fire system is also available for safety, and it can be accessed from both hands. The drawing process gets easier with the help of a big foot-stirrup as it can be used with any type and size of the shoes you’re wearing.

One area of improvement can be the scope that comes with this crossbow. It is a medium quality scope that hinders the performance of the crossbow. I would suggest you buy another scope from any reputable company to enjoy the brilliance of the Parker Bushwacker 150. Overall, the crossbow is well-built. It is easy to handle and is lightweight (7 lbs.), it can be carried along easily for a longer time during hunting or casual walking.


Keeping its reputation as the leading manufacturer of quality crossbow triggers, Parker’s has gone the extra mile with the Bushwacker 150. The trigger has the right trigger travel and the pull at 18″ and 4.2 lbs., respectively. It gives you the perfect mean between the light and not-too-light trigger. Also, the trigger assembly’s material build is another plus point in the evaluation of this crossbow.

The Parker Compound Bows Inc. has advertised the shooting speed of the Bushwacker 150 to be 285 FPS on the box. Upon close inspection and tests, I can confirm that you will find the advertised speed to be realistic with just a grain of error. Also, the point-blank kinetic energy comes out to be around 60 ft-lbs., during the actual tests. What do these calculations mean? It means that the crossbow cannot be used for hunting from a long-range, but it will still be effective for long-range target practicing and short-range hunting.

Aiming and shooting are easier because of the lightweight of the Bushwacker 150. The accuracy is very good at short range, but the crossbow suffers from shooting precisely after 40 yards due to low speed and point-blank kinetic energy.

All-inclusive, the crossbow is very handy and useful for short ranges, even for hunting. A good starting point for the beginners.

Common Questions About the Parker Bushwacker 150

What’s in the package?

The package includes the crossbow itself, quiver, and a scope.  Arrows are also included by some sellers.

Is the scope included in the package?

Yes, it comes with a Red Hot scope. It is not of high quality, so you might want to change it later.

Can I hunt with this crossbow?

Yes, but the average shooting speed of the crossbow limits the range of the kill. Still, you can hunt a big animal like deer from 40-50 yards.

How can someone draw the string back without cocker rope?

The string can be drawn back with hands as well. I would recommend you to buy an after-sale Parker kit. It will give you the cocker rope along with extra arrows to shoot and a lube kit.

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