Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Review Updated Jan 2021

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  • Refined to the finest level
  • Equally usable by beginners and experts
  • Excellent shooting range and accuracy
  • Easy to assemble and precise to use
  • The versatility of bow selection


  • Not for professional competitions
  • Unavailability of a bow stringer with the package
  • Not for long-range hunting

Holy Gamemaster 2 is a top-end recurve bow, which every one of you archers can use. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert; this recurve bow can cater to all your arching craving for an extended period. It comes with all the essentials parts, and the material used in each of the pieces is beyond excellent. For safety purposes, the package comes with a box. Holy Gamemaster 2 is an easy to assemble and easy to use Recurve bow. The box carries all the parts, i.e., limbs, riser, and a bowstring, and you just have to attach them to their specific positions, and the bow is ready to shoot. Another perk you will find in this bow is the flexibility in the arrow selection. Arrows made up of almost any material can be used with this bow, without hampering the bow’s precise accuracy. Holy Gamemaster 2 is the perfect means between the beginner and the hunter bows. You can use it for target practicing, and in the right hands, it will not miss a single target. You can take it with you for hunting, and its shooting power and range will bring some delicious food to your table.

Package and Assembly:

The first thing you will see when you open the box is the Owner’s Manual. Inside the box, you would find a specifically designed Carrying Case with the recurve bow. The quality of the carrying case is as good as the bow itself. This carrying case can be helpful in the safety and transportation of the complete recurve bow.  Further, in the box, you can find the Arrow quiver and the warranty card as well. YES, the Holy Gamemaster 2 comes with a warranty. I don’t think this warranty will be of your use because of the excellent build quality and the material used. Still, anyway, the company is satisfying its customers by including the warranty card.  

Assembly of this recurve bow is very easy, and it can be a fun DIY project for you. The carrying case has the limbs, the riser and the bowstring in it. All of which feel to be of great quality with the first touch. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to assemble the whole unit if you know what you’re doing. Just put the limbs with the riser and tighten it. The second step is to tie the bowstring included in the package with the limbs with a stringer’s help. The bow is ready to shoot with. 

Build Quality:

The Holy Gamemaster 2 is one of the finest bows of this price category I have ever used. You’ll feel that too when you’d put your grip or pull the string back for the first time. In the hands of a beginner, the grip can last more than two years. The leather palm grip gives an exquisite feel to your hands.

The metallic finish of the riser where you put your finger is in no way inferior to any expensive bow. The combination of metal and the maple wood give an extra boost to the ergonomics of the bow. Every part of the Holy Gamemaster 2 can last for years, and any minor wear and tear or even a fall will not impact it structurally or functionally.

This recurve bow is a fine combination of structural strength and functional versatility. The bowstring is one of its many strengths.  You’ll not feel any kind of degradation in the original bow that comes in the box even after you cross the four-digit mark of shooting arrows. Furthermore, this bow is compatible with a vast range of after-sale bowstrings available in the market.

Versatility and Accuracy:

One of the major reasons the Holy Gamemaster 2 is a fan favorite is because of its versatility. Although it lies in the below-average priced segment of the recurve bows, it still is one of the finest bows that can not only help you learn how to shoot, but once you are a pro, it can help you in hunting as well. Its versatility can be marked by the fact that you can choose arrows from a vast build collection to shoot with this bow. You can try out different arrows with this bow, and because of its finest accuracy and minimal vibration, each arrow will ‘act’ as you want it to.

One of the plus points of this recurve bow is its weight (Around 55lbs.) and the brace height (Around 8 in.). It helps beginners draw the string easily and aim precisely. Holy Gamemaster 2 is the best available bow for target practicing, and it can help you master the art within months. Hunting can also be done with this bow, and as an expert, its feather-like weight, low noise level, and the minimal vibration will never cease to amaze you during hunting.

Common Questions about Holy Gamemaster 2

Capable of taking down a deer?

Yes, it is more than capable of taking down an average-sized deer from medium range.

Do I need to buy a bow stringer separately?

Yes, you’d have to buy it separately, or if you have an old one with you, you can use that too.

Is the bowstring strong enough to go a long way? Is any other string that compatible with the bow?

The bowstring included in the package can give you more than 10k shoots. You can replace it with B-50 Dacron or the FastFlight Flemish if you want to.

Is this a heavy bow?

No, Holy Gamemaster 2 lies in the medium to low weight category of recurve bows. Its weight is less than 55 lbs, so this is equally good for young archers.

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