Barnett Droptine

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  • It’s durable
  • The safety system is effective
  • The tack driver is accurate


  • The scope included is not illuminated
  • It doesn’t come with a rope cocking device

The Barnett Droptine is sold as a package that includes an assembly hardware and some tools, the crossbow itself, a multi-reticle scope, 3 pieces of arrow quivers, 3 pieces of 20 inches headhunter arrows, an owners manual, and a warranty card. Surprisingly, this doesn’t come with a rope cocking device which is unusual because most crossbow nowadays have this in the package. Especially with the most powerful crossbows, this is something that’s commonly found. Especially with the most powerful crossbows, this is something that’s commonly found.

Assembling this is easy and fast, it’s just like the usual compound crossbows where you find the risers already strung, and all you have to do is guide the cables to the right places. It also comes with a good instruction manual to help you out. This crossbow comes with a 160 LBS draw weight as well as a 13.5 inches power stroke that will deliver your arrows at a very good speed which is 350 FPS. The best arrow weight for this one is 400 grains, and you would be seeing the kinetic energy readings at 109 ft per lbs. This is also pretty accurate, and the balance is also good because the front heaviness is minimized. You can also check this out if you’re looking for the Best Bow Quiver.

The Barnett Droptine has all the accuracy, power, and even balance needed to take down any legal game in the Northern part of America. Since this is short and thin, you would also enjoy hunting with this even on ground blinds and tree stands. This crossbow is not easy to cock because it has 160 LBS draw weight, make sure to purchase a rope cocking device as you purchase this crossbow if you don’t have on on hand. This comes with a pretty good anti dry fire and safety to make sure even beginners could use this.


This crossbow is a pretty good one, unfortunately it doesn’t have a rope cocking device with it but if you’re okay with that then there’s no problem at all. You could also look into the best long bows available in the market as well as the best Crossbow Cases.What do you think about this crossbow? Do you like it? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments section, we would love to hear from you. Let us know if you think this is the best youth crossbow in the market, why or why not? You can also check this barnett quad edge crossbow review.

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