TenPoint Vapor Review

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  • There’s a parallel limb technology
  • It’s quiet
  • It comes with a rope cokcing device


  • There’s no padded sling

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow comes with the parallel limb technology feature that makes it one of the narrowest crossbows we’ve ever tested. When you but it, it comes in a package which includes the crossbow, a TenPoint rangemaster pro scope, 3 pieces of arrow ambidextrous quick detach quiver, 6 pieces of 420 gran crossbow arrows w/ field tips, an AcuDraw 50 repo cocker, an owners manual, and a deluxe soft crossbow case. Check these best motion decoys for successful duck hunting.

Assembling it is not so difficult, and to make it easier it even comes with a DVD manual. If you have experience in assembling crossbows, you could do this in 20 minutes. This is a bit powerful, it flings arrows at 360 FPS with a kinetic energy of 118 feet per LBS. This one is a really powerful crossbow even if its small. One of our favorite feature from this crossbow is the GripSafety you could find on the foregrip. This is a preventative measure for accidental shots, and works by making sure your support hand is clear from the string before you shoot.

This crossbow is definitely one of the best crossbows out in the market. This has definitely set a bar so high that other manufacturers would need to up the notch in order to beat it. If you like what you see and you want something small and powerful, this would be a great choice. Take your hunting to the next level with the Barnett Ghost 410.

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