Bear Archery Fortus Crossbow Review

We have heard a lot about this crossbow, it took 2 years to complete this crossbow so let’s see if it was worth the wait or not.

Bear Archery Fortus Crossbow

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  • It’s an intermediate level bow at a good price
  • It’s powerful and fast
  • It’s easy to maneuver and compact


  • It’s not ergonomic
  • It’s a bit front heavy

The Bear Archery Fortus Crossbow took 2 years until it was completely designed. So, we checked it out. The package comes with the crossbow, a stock and riser, the assembly riser tools, a trophy ridge xf425 scope, 3 pieces trophy ridge x-ray which is 20 inches long, a picatinny-mount quiver, a rope cocking device, an owners manual, and of course the warranty card. Visit Bow Shoot for archery shot sequence.

While this crossbow comes with the XF425 scope, and this scope is really good. Unfortunately in our experience, the scope and crossbow doesn’t seem to work well together. This crossbow has a speed of 350 fps which would deliver a kinetic energy of at least 95 foot per LBS. Just looking to do some snow camping with the Best Winter Camping Tents.

It’s already obvious that you can’t cock this crossbow by hand, luckily it already comes with a rope cocking device that’s very convenient. This crossbow is definitely a good one. It’s comfortable, it’s well-made, and it has great speed and power. There are so many ways to have fun with hunting, go to Learn Archery to explore. You can get the Best Compound Bows here. 

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