SA Sports Empire Terminator

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  • It’s pre-strung
  • It has an adjustable rear stock
  • It has a full barrel picatinny rail


  • It has 16 inches long arrows
  • It only has 1 year warranty

This crossbow is not hard, but also not too easy to assemble. It’s already prestrung when you get it, so all you have to do is detach the adjustable rear stock then mount the bow. All the rest is the typical steps, all in all it would only last 30 mins to assemble. You can also read this Game Shears as most hunters know.

We were talking about the most powerful crossbows in the recent articles but not everyone needs a powerful one. This crossbow has good power but it’s not the strongest. It can fire arrows at 260 FPS, and it only deals 60 feet per lbs of kinetic energy. It lacks power, but it’s very accurate. After we sighted the scope, it was accurate enough to hit the bull’s eye every time we shoot. The power is not really surprising given that this is a small crossbow, it has a short 11 inches powerstroke, but it’s still powerful enough for average sized deers.

This has a draw weight of 175 LBS, but it comes with a rope cockinig device to make it easier to cock. It has a great draw which is smooth, as well as an anti dry fire and safety that works well. This comes with a 4 by 32 multi-range scope which is easy to sight. It only requires a few adjustments before you could sight it fully. It has well coated optics which is also somehow fogproof.The sight is clear and crisp which makes it a really good one. This Empire Terminator has a rear stock that makes the crossbow really good to adjust to the different sizes of the shooters who would use it. It also has 1 year warranty which is low but given that the price is very low, it’s not too bad. The Barnett whitetail hunter-ii is impressive and manageable.


We hope that you enjoyed this crossbow review, we made to put in everything that matter and make sure that it all came from our personal experience with it. If you have tried this crossbow, please let us know what you think on the comment section. If you are interested in long bows, you should definitely read about the best long bows and the best Crossbow Cases. We would love to hear from you! 

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