PSE Coyote Review by Recurve Expert Tom Jackson

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  • Highly Durable - This is one of the most durable recurve bows that you can find. You can use it for prolonged practice and target sessions, and it can withstand the daily wear and tear
  • Powerful - With a shorter brace height, this mighty bow can reach distances of as much as 50 yards
  • Best for Hunting - It is a perfect bow for hunting. With its heavy body and heavy arrows, you can quickly expect your arrow to penetrate your prey with its built-in power
  • Can Add Accessories - You can still adjust your experience of this bow by adding some accessories
  • Comfortable and Stable - The grip is perfect for medium-sized hands, and you can feel at one with the bow as you use it over time


  • Not made for Beginners - This is a bow that performs based on your skill. It is not forgiving of mistakes and will give you a 'string slap' for every error in the form
  • Loud - The sound of the bow can be noisy, so that you may need a silencer
  • Stacking Issues - While it is advertised as a recurve bow that can go beyond its draw length, it seems that it only has a maximum draw length of 28 inches. There are stacking issues if you go beyond that

Detail About PSE Coyote Recurve Bow

Common Questions About PSE Coyote Recurve Bow

How Powerful Is The PSE Coyote?

You’ll like the PSE Coyote because this is a bow with a significantly shorter brace height (six and ¼ inches). Brace height plays a role when you draw your string. With a shorter height, the draw’s distance will be longer, which gives more power to your arrow. It makes the Coyote the perfect bow if you want to shoot arrows in longer lengths. You can expect to use it in as far as 50 yards, and the arrow will still not lose its power. 

Is the PSE Coyote Accurate?

While this bow is extra powerful, its accuracy will still highly depend on your skill. But the overall design of the bow will not get in the way of your shots. It is a bow that moves with you with minimal grip torque and helps with your aim. As mentioned, it is a powerful bow that can make shots for up to 50 yards away, but the accuracy will depend on how good you are. 

How Heavy is the PSE Coyote?

You have to note that the PSE Coyote is heavy. It weighs 3.1 lbs, and it is heavier than other recurves. If you are used to carrying lighter bows, you may take some time to get fully adjusted to using this bow. But it is still more delicate than most hunting bows. 

Can you use the PSE Coyote for Hunting?

Its heavyweight contributes positively to its hunting suitability. It can shoot heavy arrows that can penetrate a deer or elk because of its weight, even if you hit it as far as 40 yards. However, the accuracy will still depend on your skill. So you have to make your shots if you don’t want your prey to run away. 

Is The PSE Coyote Made for Beginners?

The PSE Coyote is not the type of bow that is made for beginners. While it doesn’t necessarily have grip torque and doesn’t interfere with your limbs when you make your shots, it is still a bow that performs with its user. It works well if you are skilled and don’t work so well if you are not. It is not the type of bow that adjusts with its user. If you miss perfect form, you’ll find that the bow may slap you with the string every once in a while. It doesn’t feel pleasant, but it can train you to hone your form. 

Can you Add Accessories to the PSE Coyote?

Yes. It is a bow that adjusts to its user easily, and you can easily add accessories if you need them. Some accessories that you can add are a stabilizer, a bow sight, and an arrow quiver. In any case, you can still use it as is, and it will always deliver in terms of performance. 

What Types of Arrows Can You Use with the Coyote?

The Coyote is built for heavier arrows, but you can also use it for lighter arrows if you aim to have the arrow travel a longer distance. It all depends on your purpose. If you plan to use the bow for hunting, then you will need heavier arrows. But if you plan to use it for target shooting, then you can use lighter arrows.

You have to note that the arrow cannot be too light. This is a bow that wants its arrows to have more massive shafts, or you’ll feel some extra vibrations that can also mess with your aim. 

Is This Bow Comfortable?

When you use this bow, you’ll find that it is generally comfortable to hold. You can use a bow for prolonged periods of target practice, and you will still not get blisters from using it. That is how comfortable it is. The best part is that you will not feel any grip issues with this, for it perfectly fits a medium-sized hand.

Is PSE Coyote Durable?

Compared to its first release, the PSE Coyote has now improved its limbs. On its first release, the limbs were not able to endure long practice sessions. There have been some reports that the limbs would crack for no reason. Since 2011, the brand ensures that its limbs are securely placed to withstand continuous use. 

How Loud Is This Bow?

The bow is relatively loud. If you don’t mind it, then it is okay. But if you prefer a quieter experience, especially if you plan to use it in hunting, you may want to have some silencers installed. A silencer will prevent your prey from running away.

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