Hoyt GameMaster 2 Review

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  • Lightweight and super-slim body that fits your hand perfectly. While other bows typically weigh 3 lbs, this bow only weighs around 2 lbs, which is lightweight compared to the others.
  • Made of highly durable material so you can expect it to last a long time. Plus, it is equipped with Flemish FF strings - a 14-strand string for daily use. You can expect to use it for shooting more than 20,000 arrows before it wears out. And it has Ultra TEC riser limbs, making it lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • Minimal torque and vibration for the hands, which makes it the perfect bow for beginners. The quality handle makes it easy for the user to focus on form. It is also designed not to interfere with the aim.
  • Easily replaceable grip in case it became too worn out. You can adjust the grip based on your preferences, and you can also replace it if needed.
  • Best for beginners who are not that good with form. This is a bow that moves with the user; it is made of lightweight materials so that the user can focus on the shooting activity.


  • Doesn’t look that good in terms of appearance
  • May not be ideal for intermediate to advanced shooters.
  • It is almost always sold out. The bow is so popular that it is hard to find.

You may have heard of the Hoyt GameMaster 2 because of its fantastic performance. Hoyt is always known for producing high-quality bows, and the GameMaster 2 is no exception. In this article, you’ll learn most about its features and why it is seen as the overall versatile bow for beginners and professionals.

Is the Hoyt GameMaster 2 Good for Beginners?

The Hoyt GameMaster 2 is the perfect bow for beginners. It is equipped with a high brace to learn their shooting techniques and have a quality handle to focus on stance and form. As mentioned, it also has minimal vibration. It allows you to focus more on your aim without a shaky bow and accurately shoot your arrows. And it is also lightweight, which means you can hold the bow for longer hours without feeling tired. 

Can You Use The Bow for Hunting?

This is a common question asked by people who are interested in buying the Gamemaster 2. And it is because they plan to use it for actual hunting. While it is a generally designed bow designed for beginners, you’ll find that it can also be used to harvest some games. Unlike other hunting bows, this one is pretty light, but it allows you to have silent but quick shots that perform exceptionally well when you are in the wild. It would help if you chose your arrows. You’ll find that it has enough energy to penetrate an elk. Although you may need more weight for more giant animals such as bears and buffalos, it still works. 

Can you Use the Bow for Target Practice?

If you want to buy this bow for target practice or simple shooting, it will not let you down. As mentioned, it is a relatively stable bow made of lightweight materials. This makes it a perfect bow for any target practice session. It allows you to draw your arrows quickly with little to no vibration allowing for its steady release. You can even use it for competitions, for it will enable you to hit targets as far as 60 yards away. So if you are looking for a reliable bow that you can use for shooting competitions, this is it. 

Is it Comfortable to Hold?

The design of the GameMaster 2 makes it an ideal bow for practice. It is comfortable to hold with its well-placed grip, and TEC riser build. Even if you use it for the whole day, you’ll find that you will hardly have blisters because of its unique design. Plus, you can easily replace the grip if needed. If you find a more comfortable grip, you can always switch it with the GameMaster 2’s existing grip. 

Is it a Heavy Bow?

You’ll find that this bow only weighs around 2 lbs, which is less than most bows that weigh 3 lbs. While it is relatively light, it is not just the weight that dictates whether it is an excellent bow to hold. It is also the design. The TEC riser design gives you a bow with a weight evenly distributed in the entire bow. So you can carry it comfortably. 

Is it too Loud?

The bow is not that loud. All you will get in each shot is a simple buzz. But if you are a little sensitive to the sound, you can always equip it with a silencer to emits less sound. As mentioned, it is an excellent bow to use for hunting, and one of the reasons is its quiet sound. 

Can you Add Accessories to it?

Yes. The bow is accessory-ready. It has a place for a stabilizer if you like to have one. It also has a replaceable grip. You can also put a quiver with it if you want. It doesn’t come with accessories, but it is a rather versatile bow open to more additions. 

What Strings can You use with this bow?

Any string will do. While it comes with FastFlight 14-strand strings, you can still replace it if you want. It comes with these strings that allow you ample arrow shooting before it wears out. So you may not need to replace the strings right away. 

GameMaster 2 – A Rather Versatile Bow

So if you are looking for a bow that fits your skill, this is it. It is a bow designed for beginners and professionals. And you can also use it for hunting and shooting competitions. There is a reason why it is often sold out on Amazon. It is a powerful and lightweight bow that has all the benefits that users desire. It is excellent for practice and action. It is a type of bow you’d like to have, especially if you are starting.

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