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Compound crossbows have gained worldwide recognition, and the reason is evident, due to its mechanical advantage. Diamond Archery comes with tons of features and specs, emerging as one of the reliable crossbows you’ll ever see. They have a draw weight of 135 to 160 pounds. Every model of Diamond Archery comes with safety mechanisms and bullpup stocks to ensure you don’t misfire.

The speed is impressive, ranging from 375fps to 390 fps, with tremendous kinetic energy that makes it insanely powerful in the wild. It can take down any massive game in North America without hassles.

When you buy from an authorized dealer, you will get a limited lifetime warranty. Take note that this warranty is not transferable. The company has impressive customer support, and they are ready to guide you if you run into an issue.
In this review, you’re going to learn about the best Diamond Archery crossbows. If you’re looking for something fast, accurate, and durable, you wouldn’t want to miss these crossbows.

Picture Name My Verdict
Diamond Carbon Knockout Compound Bow Smooth and Stunning Check Price
Prism Bow Package Very Flexible and Versatile Check Price
Atomic LH 29 Electric Blue It is best for kids learning hunting Check Price
Provider Bow Package It has a solid back wall Check Price

1 - Diamond Carbon Knockout Compound Bow

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  • The carbon riser is very light
  • The draw is very smooth and easy
  • Accuracy and unrivaled tunability
  • Smooth and stunning
  • Offers excellent value for money


  • Not very fast

This incredible weapon comes with an impressive speed of 3012fps. Although it is not the fastest crossbow in the market, it still delivers when in the wild. Diamond Archery is one of the brands that provide based on customer needs, and this powerful crossbow ranks as the number one choice in women’s bows.

It comes with tons of cutting-edge technologies, which makes for an impressive companion while hunting. For flexibility and control, it features a rotating module design that helps for optimum rotation and maneuvering while on a tight spot. It is a lightweight bow, with a weight of 3.2 lbs. that many users love.

2 - Prism Bow Package

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  • The crossbow comes in left-hand placement
  • Comes with a brace height of 7 inches
  • The compound crossbow is compact
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Very flexible and versatile


  • It is a little heavier than average crossbows
  • Somewhat expensive

Another impressive Diamond Archery crossbow is the Edge series, which offers tons of flexibility, performance, and adjustability. It comes with a limb system that permits you to modify the draw weight between 5 to 55 pounds.

When it comes to accuracy and power, this incredible compound crossbow is not lagging. To assemble, it is straightforward, and you don’t have to waste tons of time either. It comes with a speed of 295FPS, which is not very fast, but manageable. Accuracy is topnotch and can shoot down targets from 50 yards without hassles.

Coming with the weapon is a four-pin, Hostage XL rest, a peep sight, string dampers, string loops, and an Octane Deadlock Lite.

3 - Atomic LH 29 Electric Blue

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  • It is very easy to carry due to its lightweight
  • The brace is 6 inches in height
  • When about to use, it doesn’t require much adjustment
  • It is best for kids learning hunting


  • It is not very fast

This incredible crossbow is very easy to assemble and comes with a draw weight of 6 – 29 lbs. This super lightweight crossbow is best for newbie hunters and shooters who lack strength. Just like other models, it comes with a revolving module that helps for flexibility while on a hunt. The machined aluminum cam or perhaps, riser, renders it very durable and able to withstand any abuse.

With the rotating module, you can quickly adjust the draw length from 12 to 24 inches. The accuracy and power are not too bad. It performs better than numerous crossbows in the market. The only downside with this crossbow is probably the speed, which is 191 fps.

But aside from that, it is one of the best crossbows that would bring home any game of your choice. When you unbox this incredible piece, you will get a 3pin sight, two pieces 3-arrow quiver, capture style arrow rest, and three carbon arrows.

4 - Provider Bow Package

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  • Comes with several adjustments
  • Lightweight and compacted
  • Ensures for easy maneuverability during a hunt
  • It has a solid back wall
  • Available in both left and right hand


  • Not very fast
  • Accuracy reduces when shooting a target from 70 yards

Last on the list of incredible Diamond Archery crossbows is this impressive piece. One of the fantastic features is the single bow cam, which lends the crossbow a swift shooting speed. With the 80% let-off, you will be able to hold about twenty percent of the pull weight.

Coming with this fantastic tool is the RAL system that immediately makes the bow ready to use. It comes with numerous other features that enhance both speeds, aiming, and accuracy. This crossbow weighs 3.2 lbs. And a length of about 31 inches between two axles. It is a lightweight crossbow and very easy to use, particularly when mountaineering.

Diamond Archery Accessories

Diamond Archery doesn’t manufacture accessories. However, they are the parent company for Excalibur, and thus, every accessory made comes under the Excalibur brand. Most of the accessories can easily fit with the StrykeZone crossbow.

When it comes to buying a crossbow, it is paramount to avoid used crossbows. The reason for this is because you might not be able to tell the exact condition. To avoid taking a risk, you might regret, it is better to buy from authorized dealers. A warranty is something that every user wants, but such doesn’t come when you buy a used crossbow. That is because the warranty is not transferable.

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