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Arrow Precision is a well-known brand in the hunting community, especially for the accuracy and power of their crossbows. The arrow lengths are different, depending on the model you buy. They are lightweight, weighing less than five lbs., while the Blitz II is at 6.25lbs. Among all their crossbows, the heaviest crossbow is the Inferno Hellfire II, which is 7.5 lbs.

In terms of speed, you could note some differences too. They can be as low as 232fps and as high as 345fps, which is impressive. In other words, they manufacture crossbow for virtually anyone. The power stroke, on the other hand, comes with glaring distinction. It can be as low as 10.5” and high as 16.5”.

Every Arrow Precision crossbow comes with its various features, making it possible to choose the most ideal for your hunting. If you’re looking to buy the best Arrow Precision crossbow, then here are some of the best you should consider. You can also check this out if you’re looking for the Best Bow Quiver.

Picture Name My Verdict
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Excellent Customer Service Check Price
Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II Excellent scope Check Price
Arrow Precision Blitz II Very Accurate and Lightweight Check Price

1 - Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

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  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Best crossbow for small games and target shooting
  • Lightweight and best for beginners
  • Comes with a safety mechanism to prevent dry firing
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not suitable for hunting bigger games
  • The arrows aren’t of high-quality

This incredible crossbow comes with all the accessories you will need for a hunt. That is including the parts like the stock, bow, and string. Some other accessories coming with the Inferno Fury includes the rope cocking device, backup line, iron sighting, detachable quiver, four-arrow for practice, wax for the string, assembly hardware like the screws, screw drive, and numerous other accessories.

One unique thing with this crossbow is the detailed guide. It is picture rich, comprehensive, and easy to follow. If you’re a new hunter still trying to get the hang out it, you will find it pretty easy to set up. The performance, on the other hand, is awe-inspiring.

This model can shatter anything on its way, making it one of the most powerful crossbows. According to numerous accuracy and performance test by users, the performance of this crossbow will wow you. A user was able to practice with his old DVD player, and the arrow went through without struggling. The accuracy is on point, and powerful enough to bring down any massive game.

When it comes to the kinetic energy, this is where you discover a little disadvantage. It is a lower-shooting crossbow with a mere 235fps at the black point range. When you shoot beyond the black point range, you will end up losing energy. However, it is powerful enough to bring down a deer or an antelope.

2 - Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II

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  • Very powerful and accurate
  • Comes with all the kit you need to get started
  • Will take down any big game
  • Excellent scope
  • Comes with a padded shoulder sling


  • Not Available

Another incredible crossbow on this review is the Inferno Wildfire II, known to come with virtually everything you need on a hunt. It comes with an inferno Wildfire riser assembly, a wildfire string, foot stirrup, detachable quiver, rope cocking aid, eye-protective goggles, stringer, 4×20” arrows with four field points, etc.

Assembling this crossbow is not hard, as the instruction manual was detailed and easy to follow. It comes with lots of HD images for better illustration. If you’re a beginner, you won’t find assembling this crossbow challenging.

When you’re preparing to shoot, you will notice that the cocking procedure is not hard rather smooth despite the forces. The bolts, on the other hand, comes with a half-moon nock. However, you have to align the string properly with the groove at the back of the arrow.

One common mistake beginners often make to dry fire the crossbow. That is, firing the crossbow when there is no arrow seated. Doing that would cause the limbs of your crossbow to vibrate, leading to damage and cracking. Aside from that, it voids your warranty.

It comes with a fantastic speed of 340fps and kinetic energy of 106ft. Lbs, enough to bring down a Cape buffalo.

3 - Arrow Precision Blitz II

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  • It comes with everything needed for a hunt
  • Rope cocking device included
  • Very accurate and lightweight
  • It can hunt down large animals


  • The scope is not easy to sight in
  • The scope is not well illuminated especially in low light

Just like other previous models, this crossbow came with every accessory you will need on a hunt. Although users know this crossbow by the name “Inferno Blitz II” until the name changed in 2015 to “Blitz Optimum.” It comes with assembly hardware and tools, a quick-detach quiver, Arrows, Riser, Prod, safety glasses, padded sling, a manual, and a warranty card.

To assemble this weapon is pretty easy to straightforward. All you need to do is mount the prod on the riser and attach it to the bolts. You then proceed to mount the scope and quiver, after which you install the added sling if you want.

The accuracy and power of this crossbow are not too bad. With an arrow speed of 285 fps and 20” 400gr arrows, you will get about 72 feet Lbs. of kinetic energy in every shot. With this power, it can rip apart the body of any large animal. 

Arrow Precision Parts And Accessories

Just like numerous other brands, Arrow Precision also manufactures some parts and accessories. It is to enhance the functionality and performance of your crossbow. When it comes to the bolts, it comes in 6, and are available in two sizes: 16” and 20”.

There is only one kind of crossbow case by Arrow Precision. It is comfortable to carry and has some pockets for all your accessories.
Finally, they also produce one of the most popular scopes, like the 4X32 Multi Range Illuminated Crossbow Scope, and a cocking aid.

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