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There are a lot of varieties of recurve bows out in the market today, since there are so many to choose from, it could get overwhelming to pick the one that would suit your needs. In this article, what you would see are top models that were chosen as the best because of the qualities they have, now it’s your choice to choose which one is the best for you depending on your needs. The reason why we can’t tell you which is really the best among the rest is because we respect that different people have different needs and some things are just meant to vary such as the style, the color, specs, features, and other things. You can also check the best longbow.

Picture Name My Verdict
Hoyt Gamemaster II Very Portable Check Price
Samick Sage Budget and Quality Bow Check Price
Bear Grizzly Best Value Bow Check Price
Martin Hunter The Classic Bow Check Price

Hoyt Gamemaster II

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  • Comes with a roll out case
  • Very powerful


  • Too powerful for beginners or kids
Takedown bows are recurve bows that as the name makes obvious could be taken down in pieces. They are a popular choice of hunters because of their portability. If you need something that wouldn’t take up too much storage space or something portable then this Hoyt Gamemaster II is definitely what you need. It’s reliable and fast put has a high price for beginners unless they are willing to invest in something good already. You can also check this out if you’re looking for the Best Knife For Deer Hunting.

Samick Sage

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  • Top notch at a great price
  • Upgradeable limbs


  • The strings are not as good as its other parts

This is an entry level bow that is targeted for beginners who doesn’t want to spend too much in getting used to shoot using bow and arrow. This Samick Sage has everything that you would expect from a bow that’s inexpensive plus a little more. It’s also a takedown type of bow so you can upgrade its different parts and upgrade them eventually or as you gain more strength. There are 2 versions available, one for left handed and another for right handed people. It’s a recurve bow best used for target shooting, but could be used for hunting too but it could be a bit more loud than the ones usually used for hunting.

Bear Grizzly

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  • Very powerful
  • Constructed well
  • Very smooth


  • Might be too strong for beginners

This isn’t the cheapest but it would definitely give you value. You can use this all around from target practice to hunting. It only weighs 3 pounds so a beginner would definitely love this. And as an expert you would also love how accurate it is because most compound bows like this one cannot compare to its accuracy. This bow is very quiet, suitable even for the quietest hunting areas. It has the built quality of a high priced bow as well as the performance. In its price range, others could not compete with it.

Martin Hunter

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  • Very smooth
  • Very powerful
  • Looks beautiful


  • None

This bow has been produced since 50 years ago, and they still keep their classic design throughout the years. This bow’s design looks really good, it’s the most good looking out in the market if you want something classical. It only weighs 2.1lbs, so it’s easy to carry around which would give you a better tireless experience as you start shooting. It’s good for hunting and target practice as well because it has power but also a vibration free arrow release which makes it quiet.

Power in a Package

Bows and arrows is a part of human history, when the cavemen realized that they can only throw their spears as far as their strength would allow, they integrated strings to add in the equation for extra strength and force to the spear’s velocity. The spear was then developed, and it became an arrow. Now, for bow and arrow, the strength and distance of an arrow is dependent on the length of the bow’s string. So if you would need to reach 700 feet then you would usually need your string to be very long. Go for a Big Game Hunting Crossbow.

Recurve Bows

This is why the recurve bows have been invented, to address this problem. Recurve bows are bows that have edges which curve outwards. Bows usually forms an arch that extends away from the body and edges curve inwards when help by an archer. For recurve bows it’s the same but the edges curve outwards allowing more drawing mileage for its strings. This allows you to shoot arrows faster, with more speed and farther. In the Olympics, this has been the standard.

Tips When Purchasing

The first question to ask and answer is what do you need? if you need something that would allow you to separate pieces then you need a takedown bow. These type of bows have advantages such as ease of transport and easy repair. When something gets damaged, you can just replace that part. It also allows you to adjust your draw weight easily. If you’re a beginner, it would be good to stick within 2 and 4 lbs. 
When you choose which draw weight would suit you, it would depend on your body. here are some recommended values.

Children: from 10 to 25 lbs
Women: from 25 to 35 lbs
Men: From 35 to 55 lbs

But of course don’t take it literally, take note that in time your strength would be enhances and you will have the ability to handle bows with more draw weight. If you’re still starting and you aren’t really sure if this is something you would really pursue then don’t get an expensive one. But if you are sure you would pursue this, then invest on it because it would be more expensive if you keep upgrading. Eventually, you might need accessories. So make sure you consider this in advance because some bows allow accessory attachment easily, while some don’t. Learn more about Barnett RC-150.


The last say on which is the best would really come from you because it would depend on your needs. But the list we have here are all the best ones we could find when the question is about price, quality, and performance. Here are 2 types of recurve bows the takedown and the regular, one could work for you the other might not, as you see it all depends on you. We hope that this article made things clearer for you and help you choose quality recurve bows on a good deal. Bow Hunting From Ground can be an effective way of hunting.

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