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If you have tried hunting with a rifle, it’s undeniably fun. But the question is, is it as fun as when you hunt with a crossbow? I bet it isn’t. Crossbows appeared in the 15th century and it’s still around today for a reason. When you want to experience a fun and thrilling crossbow hunt, you have to start with choosing the right crossbow. This is something easier said than done. But, don’t worry because as you read on we will recommend the best, the most friendly for your budget, and the best quality crossbow you would find that would fit both beginners and experienced crossbow hunters. You can also look at this best bow sight.

CenterPoint Sniper 370- Crossbow Package

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  • This crossbow is very powerful
  • It has adjustable forearm and stock
  • It comes with an attached illuminated scope
  • It has a rope cocking device


  • It could be a bit heavier than normal

This crossbow weighs 7.9 lbs, and when it’s unlocked it measures 21.9 inches in width and 18 inches when it’s cocked. It isn’t the lightest nor is it the smallest crossbow. But it isn’t really hard to carry around because it comes with a strap. This crossbow fires at the speed of 370 FPS which is enough to take down a grizzly. Its draw weight of 185 lbs isn’t a surprise because it has really strong power. It’s a good thing that it comes with a rope cocker device because it could be a bit hard to cock this bow without it. You can also check this out if you’re looking for the Best Duck Waders.

Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 FPS Crossbow

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  • It is very lightweight
  • It’s very affordable
  • It has a wax lube
  • It has a mounted scope


  • It could be a bit noisier than the normal

This one is not just affordable but it’s also very efficient. This is something that the company Barnett always make sure of whenever they create crossbows and they have never failed. This crossbow definitely has the balance of price and quality and could be the best example. Unlike the other crossbow, this one is lightweight and shoots 350 FPS. It comes in a very compact design, it weighs 6.4 lbs and measures 34.2 inches.

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package

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  • It’s very compact
  • Very consistent and accurate
  • It has an illuminated scope
  • It has an automatic safety and anti dry fire


  • It could be expensive

This crossbow measures 33 inches and weighs 6.8 lbs only. It also gets better as it pucks a punch and as it sends arrows fast. It shoots at 400 FPS which makes it very powerful. It’s also well balanced as the cable coils away from the bottom and top of the cams.

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package

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  • It has a recurve design
  • It has diablo arrows
  • It comes with a rope cocking device
  • It comes with a high-quality scope


  • The scope is not good quality

This crossbow is very powerful even if it’s a recurve crossbow. It can shoot at 380 FPS which is an impressive 109 lbs of kinetic energy. The draw speed is 260 lbs so you would need to hulk if you want to cock it by hand, good thing it has a rope cocking device included. It also has an anti dry fire system that would prevent firing without an arrow. The arrows that come with this are 18 inches Diablo arrows

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

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  • It’s not expensive and it’s powerful
  • It has automated safety
  • It looks good


  • No rope cocking device

This crossbow doesn’t come with a rope cocker because it’s very easy to cock, even easier than a centerpoint. But even with the easy cock feature it’s still very powerful. It can fire at the speed of 315 FPS, and it comes with the draw weight of 150 lbs. This bow is powerful, easy to cock, but it’s also not quiet when shot. But it’s still a good choice because its features outweigh the cons which is the sound when shot. 

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package

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  • It’s the best size for women or people who have a small built
  • It has a rope cocking device
  • It could be cocked even without the cocking device
  • It can take down most of the big game


  • Some people don’t like the string quality

This crossbow was built and designed for people with small built and women. It delivers 85 lbs kinetic energy that would equal to a draw weight of 130 lbs. While it’s not as powerful as the others, it still fires at a velocity of 300FPS. It also has a red dot sight with a premium feel, an ergonomic pistol grip, and 3 20” carbon arrows.

Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow Package

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  • It’s light but powerful
  • It has better balance
  • Forward facing limbs
  • Good quality scope


  • It’s a bit heavy

This one is not just efficient, it’s also good looking. Unlike the usual that’s good looking but poor performance, this one excels in both. This is one of the most powerful bows in the industry. You would be able to hit a target at the speed of 335 FPS, which makes you able to take down the largest animal in the game. It comes with a 124 lbs draw weight which won’t need a rope cocking device. This also a quiet shooter with zero vibration. This also comes with a XF425 Trophy Ridge scope and three 20” bolts .

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

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  • Made for hunting deers
  • Light and very portable
  • You can maneuver it well and easily


  • None but some people have problems with anti dry safety malfunctions

This crossbow have limbs made from composite laminate, that protects it from winter weather. It also comes with a ⅞” picatinny rail. It only weighs 6.2 lbs and is very compact to bring into the wild. It has a velocity of 340 FPS and a 160 lbs draw weight. It has a scope attached to a bow and you can put 3 20 inches arrow into the quiver.

Crossbow  Types For Deer Hunting

One and Two Handed Crossbows

Crossbows are of different types, with distinct special features and all. But the primary distinction between crossbows is whether it is one-handed or two-handed. Two-handed crossbows are operated with two hands and are way more popular in demand than the one-handed crossbow. This popularity is because the one-handed crossbow is essentially a crossbow pistol, which makes it less versatile. 

The two-handed crossbow, possessing more range, can be used for things as simple as target practice and fishing to more hardcore stuff like hunting and the military. They have more ease-in-use, precision, and brute force as compared to pistol crossbows.

The high demand for two-handed crossbows does not outrightly eliminate the market for one-handed crossbows. A lot of people still prefer pistol crossbows because they are way more compact and less pricey. So, for small game and self-defense, the one-handed crossbow is the choice of most people.

Recurve Crossbows For Deer Hunting

Recurve crossbows are quite similar to the crossbows used in the past. The strings are connected to the limbs directly, and it has such a simple design as opposed to other crossbows. But in comparison to compound models, reverse crossbows are less precise. They have less arrow speed and force. With its noisy release, which results from its spring vibration, the crossbow has a loose string with less-than-accurate precision. 

Despite all of these demerits, some people still prefer recurve crossbows due to its simplicity and the fact that it has fewer components than the compound models. They are also low-maintenance and relatively light, and easy to use. 

Recurves are also very friendly on the pocket as opposed to compound models. And because its operation is more straightforward, it is less likely than parts get ruined or the crossbow gets spoiled. The recurve crossbow wins on the front of affordability, durability, and simplicity, making it an excellent choice for target practice or beginner shooters. 

Compound Crossbows For Deer Hunting

Crossbows with wheels, strings, and pulley systems are compound crossbows. Compared with other crossbow types, the compound crossbow has a mechanical edge because of its let-off effect. The let-off effect refers to how the draw weight reduces and how stored energy gets a considerable boost. The pulley of the compound crossbow draws the string up, and this action increases the power to a tune of about 33 percent. The added advantage also is that this crossbow is much easier to cock. 

This pulley system and the increased power has several merits to the archer. First, it makes for higher speed, which means more hit force, a silent release that gives the prey no room to be aware of what is about to hit it, and low recoil after use. The compound crossbow is known for being able to achieve success in longer shooting range, as well as high precision and accuracy. There is less reliance on the limbs for stored energy, so the compound crossbow limbs are mostly shorter because of this. This reduction in length makes it more compact and easy on the hands. 

However, the compound crossbow is not without its merit, despite how great it is. The several components of the crossbow, including the pulley systems, contribute to the crossbow’s weight. As such, the maintenance cost and requirements are way higher than that of the recurve crossbow. These crossbows tend to wear and tear if dropped or hit a hard surface. The case is not so for the recurve crossbow, which has a high tolerance for issues like this. The recurve crossbow is the most suitable for severe hunters or target shooters who need to shoot quickly and accurately. 

Reverse Limb Crossbows For Deer Hunting

These crossbows got into the market around 2011. It has a pulley system design that is very similar to that of the hunting bow. But the difference between the reverse limb crossbows and the hunting bow is that the string of the reverse limb crossbow does not face the target, only the shooter. 

This type of crossbows has a lot of mechanical advantages. The problem of a forward tipping weight that people usually get with crossbows is absent as this design centers the weight allowing for the riser location to be further back. It makes it easy on the shoulder and way more comfortable when one has to hold it for long periods, especially when you have to correctly position and wait to get a perfect shot. 

Another great advantage that the reverse limb crossbows have is how compact they are. They have such a short axle-to-axle distance, sometimes even as short as ten inches. Because of this, one can easily maneuver the crossbow when you are in a very close range. The power stroke for this kind of crossbow is high because of the reverse draw technology. Because of this, the draw weight to speed ratio is way more enhanced. 

The reverse crossbow can produce speeds as high as 380 feet per second, with draw weight as low as 165 pounds. The drawbacks of the reverse crossbow are that it is expensive, with high maintenance costs, and has too many components, similar to compound crossbows. Just looking to do some snow camping with the Best Winter Camping Tents.

The reverse limb crossbow is excellent when you need high stealth levels and hunting for big game. It is also ideal for long-range shooting. 

Draw Weight For Deer Crossbow Hunting

The draw weight of a crossbow is the amount of pull that you require to bring the limbs into a position where you can fire; this is proportional to the arrow’s speed.  It is an essential factor to look out for when purchasing crossbows for hunting. 

The type and size of the game you are hunting inform you of the draw weight requirement you need for your crossbow. If you are hunting something like a deer, or other medium-sized games, you would need a draw weight of at least 150lbs. A reverse limb crossbow would typically require less draw weight, but it is better that you do not take the risk based on the ethics of delivering humane kills. Our picks for Beginner Recurve Bow for practicing target shooting.

The level of kinetic energy is also an excellent metric to measure the power of the crossbow you are purchasing.  It is not always an accurate measurement unit, as it still depends on the arrow’s weight and distance. Sticking to the draw weight and arrow velocity that is required for the size of the game you are hunting is your best bet for buying considerations when you are shopping for a crossbow. Just visit Rain Bow Hunting for more hunting tips.

Speed For Deer Crossbow Hunting

For medium-sized games, you will require a minimum speed of 300 feet per second. Certain types of reverse draw crossbows can let off this speed with accompanying draw weights that are as low as 150 pounds.


There you go! This article has everything you would need to know to choose the right crossbow for your activity. We hope that this has helped you clear your mind and make a decision. Enjoy hunting by using this Best Crossbow Bolts.

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