Best Bow Sights in 2024

Bow scopes are another name for bow sights; they are gadgets that are used on the bow riser to help you aim your shot better. They’re like sights for shotguns; they are designed to give hunters more control on where they aim their arrow. Since most hunters are aiming for the clean kill, the most accurate shot, this is one of the things a hunter must have. However, you can visit Best Crossbow Pistol for hunting. It’s not impossible to not have this, but if you’re shooting from a far distance, having this would really make a difference. Both experts and novice hunters are recommended to get the best bow sight that would fit in their budget. Hunters are searching for better advancements, and these bow sights listed below would really give it to you. Bow sights on this list would help veterans and novice hunters find a good bow that’ll work for their needs. You can also see the best bowfishing bow.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

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  • Very advanced features
  • It’s easy to know if you are locked


  • It’s not as bright as the others

IQ bow sights have been part of best reviews for years already. As we tried more than 10 bow sights for this category this model has definitely proven itself to be the best. While it’s a bit more expensive, it’s worth the investment because it has everything you would need. as we started testing it we thought that it’s best for beginners but as we use it longer, we realized that every hunter would be able to utilize it. it has instant feedback technology which makes a hunter control its form, muscle memory, and consistency. This bow sight has a goal, and it’s to make you a better hunter. You may also check this out if you’re looking for a Bow Hunting Backups With Bow Holder.

Keep in mind that this sight would be bringing your flaws into light. So if your grip in your bow is wrong, it would let you know. At the beginning it would definitely be frustrating, but it would make you grow as a target shooter or hunter. You’ll be thrilled when you experience immediate accuracy as you use this Field Logic IQ 5.


  • It has .019 fiber optic pins
  • It has adjustable second axis
  • It allows you to shoot farther in tighter groups
  • It has options for the left or right handed users.

When purchasing this, there are two types, a left hander and right hander so you have to choose which one to get. This is something we want you to take note of because if you’re not the only person who would be using your bow it could be a purchasing decision to make. The left handed version is way more cheaper so that’s something good if you’re a lefty. 

Trophy Ridge Punisher Sight

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  • It is very accurate
  • It’s adjustable


  • There are a lot of them with manufacturers defect

This Trophy Ridge Punisher is a great choice not just because of its popularity but also because it has quality while it’s inexpensive. As we used this several times, we realized that it’s amazing how we don’t need to adjust the pins. It makes the set up time faster given that this is a 5 pin sight. When it comes to bringing value to the money, I’m sure that a lot of hunters would agree that this one is really good. It comes with a very sleek design and pins that could easily be adjusted whenever needed. It’s very feasible for hunter that’s practicing and setting their distances in a fast pace. Its metal construction is also one of its benefits because most of the sites within this price range are made from plastic or other cheaper material.


  • It has a .028 fiber optic pin
  • It has a composite pin guard
  • It has engraved laser reference marks
  • It works for both the right and left handed hunters.

One downside of this bow sight is that it doesn’t have a light available. So, it would only be effective and useful for you if you hunt during a time with ample amount of light. But if you don’t, you can still buy a rheostat light.

TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019 Bow Sight with Light

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  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • The design is really good


  • It’s hard to adjust the pin

This TruGlo Carbon XS has a noticeable sight quality. It’s inexpensive, actually one of the most inexpensive but you will be surprised with its quality. Like the Trophy Ridge 5 this comes with amazing lighting features that you can use even with the lowest lighting settings. It also comes with a shooter ring that glows in the dark. Whenever people see the overall cost of this bow sight, they get amazed with the sight quality.


  • It has a bigger field of view, a 1.8in inner diameter for its aperture.
  • It comes with a reversible bracket
  • It has a soft feeling technical coating
  • It has a truflo fiber design
  • It works for both left and right handed hunters
  • It comes with 2 vertical bar level

As we completed our testing on this and asked some other hunters to test it out, we found out that there were some things some people won’t like about it. They didn’t like how the mounting bolt is an odd size, so users had to make adjustments to mount it properly. But as we checked out the bows of hunters who didn’t like the bolt size, we realized that their bows were already modified. Some of them even cracked the sight as they tightened the bolts too much. So if you think this bow sight is the one for you, make sure to mount it carefully and not too tightly. This could happen to every bow sight.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Sight

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  • Very good sight


  • No instructions included

Are you searching for something high quality but inexpensive? In our opinion this has the best single pin bow sight. It comes with a rheostat light for added lighting. Without having to tape the rear, we were able to use this for several times without any issues. Without tape and basic yardage estimates we shot around ten projectiles. But as we added the tape, the accuracy increased dramatically. It’s an inexpensive sight, buying a HHA EZ tape will definitely be worth it.


  • Indicator pin that you could adjust
  • Made of aluminum
  • It has silent adjustments
  • It comes with unlimited settings for pins

It’s simple to install the trophy ridge pursuit, you definitely won’t need any instructions. And as far as we tried, we weren’t able to find any as well. If you feel comfortable in mounting it on your own then we highly recommend it to you but if not you could take it to a local archery shop so they could do it for you.

TRUGLO Pendulum Bow Sight

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  • It’s well built


  • The fiber near the pin is not so durable

We believe that a hunter who uses 3 stands have the best advantages. While elevated shots could get tricky, having a pendulum sight like this TRUGLO will make you benefit from the compensation. It gives automatic compensation for up to 35 yards and that’s a big advantage for every hunter. The best feature this offers is its feature to lock the pendulum so you won’t need to de-mount your sight and mount a more compatible version as you are hunting on the ground during some point. So it’s like you’ve bought 2 sites for the price of one. As you test both options out, this pendulum sight offers the best accuracy for elevated and ground hunting.


  • It comes with a .019 inch sighting pin
  • 8 inches aperture in diameter
  • Rheostat violet light that you can adjust
  • Yardage tape with distances that are preprinted.

This pendulum sight can automatically adjust because its ring is on a pivot. It allows you to shoot out of a tree stand because whenever you lower or raise your bow the vertical position is maintained vertically.

Types of Bow Sights 

1. Fixed Pin Sights

This is the most common choice of hunters and they provide form 3 to 5 pins. If you would be shooting close range or projectile then you would be using the top pin because the bottom pin is for longer ranges. Before heading out on your hunting escapade, we suggest you set your pins first. These are fixed by tightening the pin but you can still re-adjust them. Some hunters say they always re-adjust their pin while they’re on the fields. This is something simple to do when you’re good at it but if you’re still learning that skill, you would still have to go through trial and error.

2. Single or Moveable Pin Sights

This moveable pin sights are recommended for advanced and intermediate hunters, these are designed with a single pin. So when you have to adjust the next shot the entire housing unit would slide down or up. A skilled person would be able to adjust a moveable pin in seconds. Remember to always make use of the white tape around the rear of the sight. This allows you to mark the distance and use it whenever needed. A lot of hunters love this because you can simply move the pointer depending on the distance needed.

3. Tree Stand or Pendulum Sights

Every hunter knows the difference of shooting on level ground between uneven terrain, or other elevated areas. Some areas would require different type of sight to compensate with the shots you have to make downhill. Many hunters spend more time on the ground than on tree stands, so it would be difficult to accurately judge these yardages. Hunters who use a pendulum sight in this situation become instantly more accurate. It might take you a shot or more to understand how it works but that’s just because the sight pin swings out and up in order to compensate for odd angles. It’s a must to take your time in understanding this sight before using it because it’s really different. If you won’t be hunting in elevated areas then it isn’t for you because these are designed to help hunters with downhill angles and short range shots.

As our process in research and testing begun, our goal was to help hunters like you purchase the best quality bow sight even on a budget. Our review wasn’t just based on us and our experts as we also reached out to other hunters to see what they think about it.

Choosing the Best Bow Sights

What is a Bow Sight? 

Bow sights are used in archery to achieve precise and near-perfect targeting. It is essential because it almost guarantees an accurate shot. Typically, it looks like a circular housing holding fiber optic pins that correspond to different ranges. The pin is placed on the target and at the desired range. 

That makes it very easy to shoot the target. This tool is vital in archery because you need your sighting to be as perfect as possible, with an accurate estimation of the yardage you are sending your arrow across. Bow sights are easy to use. All you need to do is mount this device on your bow, so you can properly aim the arrow. 

Looking through the peep area in the bow sight gives you a perfect capture of what the bow sight does. If you are familiar with guns, you would see that the sight pin on the bow sight is very similar to the bead found on the end of shotgun barrels. 

Essentially, a bow sight tells you the exact area in which the arrow will hit the target. In the case of long-range shooting, there is axis adjustment available. That helps to boost the accuracy of hitting the target despite the distance. A third axis adjustment immensely helps to achieve this.

Benefits of a Bow Sight

You cannot overemphasize the ease that a bow sight brings to archery. The human eye can capture many things but is still prone to a margin of error when we mentally capture a target or estimate the yardage in terms of distance. The bow sight helps to perfectly correct this by ensuring that exact target estimations are accurate. It makes archery less futile and way more fulfilling. 

The accuracy which the bow sight brings is not the only reason why every archer or hunting enthusiast should own a bow sight. The use of the bow sight alongside the axis adjustment allows for fast and accurate hitting of targets. That means you can quickly put down a mark by aiming at vitals. A quicker and cleaner harvest of the target is way better than a messier one. So rather than achieve a gruesome hit, a bow sight keeps your shots accurate, making it easier to take out your target in one kill. That allows for better and more ethical hunting. 

Considerations before purchasing a new bow sight

When choosing a bow sight for your archery needs, you need to ensure that you buy one of high quality that also suits you. There are different kinds of bow sights used by other people for several purposes, so the purpose of your purchase shapes the type of bow sight you would be buying. There are two essential things to look out for when purchasing a bow sight asides from this. These two are crucial to have a good archery experience;

  • Material: Not all materials are excellent for bow sights, but stainless steel and aluminum are excellent choices for materials. You want something strong and not so lightweight because it is not unusual for you to hit your bow against a tree or other upright standing objects. That is mostly a mistake, and one cannot adequately plan for it, so it is best to choose a bow sight with a material that can survive these mistakes. Durability is a good box to tick when choosing bow sights. 
  • Quality: As mentioned earlier, what you want is a bow sight that gives you full value for your money, so you can consider opting for bow sights with top-notch materials that can stand the test of time. You should also keep an eye out for the following and ask yourself questions like “how many pins are available in the bow sight?” “how easy is it to adjust the sights when looking through?” These questions are the most paramount as they inform you of the quality of the bow sight you are about to purchase. 

Single Pin or Multi-Pin? 

These are the major distinctive features of a bow sight. A single pin requires manual adjustment of the sight. A lot of people prefer it because it gives you eye space to focus correctly. There is way less crowding in the area through which you are looking, and this enables you to see better and aim more accurately. The only downside to this is that if you spend a lot of time in the wild hunting for targets, it might not exactly be the most comfortable thing for an animal to come charging at you while you are busy adjusting your sight. 

The multi-pin is also a great choice as it gives a great view with no need to adjust. The only problem with this is that too many viewfinder details may prevent you from seeing as accurately.  The best way to decide which is best suited for you is by going shopping in the nearest bow shop to you. You will have the opportunity to test out which better suits your needs. 

Is it Legal In Your Area

No legal issues surround the use of the regular single or multi-pin bow sight set up in most states in North America. As long as hunting is not licensed, it should be legal to own either two bow sights. However, it is best to confirm before shooting arrows at anyone. Digital sights, however, are out of the question. There are not many laws guiding its use because it is only coming to the market, and a lot of people have not had enough experience with it for legalities to be in place concerning its use. 

If you are checking out a digital bow sight, it is best to check if it is legal in your specific state, not just the country. So, double-check with the local authorities to make sure you do not run into trouble. 

Durability with Bow SIghts

You want to make sure that you are making a worthy purchase when it concerns bow sights. The quality of the material used to make the bow sight and the manufacturer’s goodwill are significant determinants of its durability. But that’s not all. It is necessary to find out the goodwill of the manufacturer in the market. That should be able to make for an excellent buying guide while purchasing your bow sight. Check out the best Solar Camping Light before your next camping trip.


In every category we have the best bow sights that we could find. They are all designed in a way that you would see if it’s a really good one or not. Sometimes, reviews are not enough to help you with a purchasing decision so we made sure to test it out for you and give you all the details you would need. in this article you didn’t just find information about the best bow sights but also information about the difference of fixed pins from moveable, and all the others. Don’t leave your Crossbow Cocked. It has a primitive appeal when you hunt without a sight but many hunters use them because it offers better accuracy, something a hunter can’t gain through instinct unless they are already experts. If you are ready to become a better hunter, choose a bow sight that would fit your needs and budget so you can start enjoying the benefits that it comes with. Try this Coyote Lights Hunting for better hunting.

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