Wicked Ridge Warrior HL

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  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s very powerful
  • It’s very accurate
  • It’s very durable


  • The aluminum arrows aren’t durable
  • Doesn’t come with a rope cocking device

It’s quick to put thicrossbow together plus it comes with a very easy to understand manual. Usually before you start testing the accuracy, you would be sighting the scope. Surprisingly, this one was already sighted the moment I got it. Picked the Best Turkey Mouth Call that most subtle cut of them. This one deals out 85 feet per LBS kinetic energy, which means could definitely take down a deer effortlessly. While this isn’t suited for bigger game, this one is powerful enough for that size. Plus, this one is really good for hunting because it’s even lightweight. It only weighs 7 LBS, it doesn’t even lug down as you try to get to the deer stand. It can fling 425-grain arrows at 300 FPS which means it really has good power. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with a rope cocking device an I suggest you purchase one because it actually takes 175 LBS of draw weight so you could pull the string back. The scope that comes with it is actually good, you won’t have to upgrade it because it’s already well illuminated. For safety and design this one comes with a dry fire inhibitor so it won’t fire unless your crossbow is really fully loaded. This one is really good and just right for its price. This crossbow is a really good investment since it would actually last you a lifetime. Go ahead and grab this now! Find out and learn more on Ohio hunting safety course.

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