PSE Evolve 31 Compound Bow Review 2021

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  • This bow is the most affordable in the Evolve series. But don't expect to get just a low-quality product for less, because this one has plenty of advantages
  • It's lightweight and durable at only three pounds and built to be cocked by hand or drawn with an automatic cocking device
  • Its reflexed limb design makes it easy to shoot faster (it comes in handy if you're shooting under pressure)
  • It provides adjustability so that shooters can set it up to fit their style while still having excellent performance out on the range
  • And this baby will feel good in your hand with its molded rubber grip that doesn't lose form after each shot


  • One of the main problems with this bow is that the metal knocks out the string when it's let go for a shot. Making sure that shots are taken from near full draw can alleviate this issue, however, as you'll knock out less string at a closer distance
  • In addition, because some PSE Evolve 31 Compound Bow models have an extremely narrow width frame, shooters may have to adjust their arms so they can shoot without hitting themselves

PSE 31 is a bow that hunters and target shooters can use. It has many features which make it easy to use, including an adjustable cam system for draw length, cam adjustment, and draw weight. It is also lightweight with a low center of gravity, making it easier to aim. 

What is the PSE evolve 31 Compound Bow?

PSE is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance bows and attachments for today’s archery pro with the commitment to design and produce reliable, dependable bows at affordable prices. They have established themselves as a company with an experienced staff of engineers, craftsmen, and hunters that gives unparalleled service to all people who enjoy this hobby.

The PSE Evolution Compound Bow has proven to be among the most popular models in its category. This traditional-style bow showcases a smooth draw cycle that takes a half-power stroke. Find out more about which is better from Recurve bow vs. Compound bow. Aside from that, it also has a single-cam system designed to stop when peak weight is reached, providing you maximum penetration while optimizing draw length at any given draw weight.  

Detail About PSE evolves 31 Compound Bow


Well, the construction of PSE Compound Bow is made to be cost-effective. But even so, you don’t need to break the bank if what you are looking for is a powerful bow that performs well and can hold up for extended periods with regular use. I’m talking about PerformanceArchery’s 300 lb draw weight 45″ Recurve Bow Buddy Bear Archery Package or Hoyt Scorpion Carbon CF Compound Bow kids pack (30-50 lbs).


The bow’s use of composite materials rather than wood reduces one of the chief problems with a wood bow, namely that they only last so long before the wood starts to dry out. Composite bows can often work for 20-30 years without changing anything other than minor parts like strings and cables.

In physics, compound bows are “given added resistance to being drawn by cams or eccentrics pivoted at each end which pivot when the string is drawn, thereby multiplying its force.” They offer a highly consistent draw weight and increased velocities over simple bows. On the other hand, simple bows tend to have an inconsistent draw weight (you might pull back 30 pounds on your first try but have trouble doing it again), resulting in reduced.


The durability of the PSE Evolve compound bow is transferable.

The Evolve features a single-piece riser that has been engineered for stiffness and eliminates any flex in a shot, as well as self-centering cables that are easy to adjust and eliminate bows having an “over center.” This feature ensures arrows fly accurate distances, with low cam compensation in either direction.

Ease of Use

The PSE E-Series bows have many features that make them easy to use. They are equipped with a BowJax mounting system for the sights and accessories, making it quick & easy to replace them as you grow your skill level. These bows also feature string silencers, which give less noise when shooting for a more enjoyable experience.

A bow stringer is included to get you started right away! Starter arrows are also included, along with other goodies like an armguard and safety glasses, so you can enjoy your first few months or years of shooting without worrying about secondary injuries or breaking equipment. All in all, these bows provide a polished product that will only need minor upgrades (purchased separately) over time if desired!

Common Questions About PSE evolve 31 Compound Bow

Who Should Use The PSE Evolve 31 Compound Bow?

The PSE Evolve is for people who want their hunting experience to be as comfortable as possible while maximizing accuracy and precision on their shots. This right-handed compound bow has an axle-to-axle length of only 37 inches, with its 31-inch draw length making it perfect for women and youth shooters alike. It includes 85% let-off so you can hold the 40 lb draw weight comfortably until you’re

How to Set Up of PSE evolve 31 Compound Bow?

One of my favorite things about PSE Evolution 31 bows is that it comes to set up from the factory! With limited exceptions, I don’t have to set up any of their recurve or compound bows before using them – just drawback on those strings, and you’re ready to go! (PSE has been producing the US-made recurve and compound bows since 1949)

How is the Material of the PSE evolve 31 Compound Bow?

The most common compound bows used today are made of tough and durable composite materials, such as fiberglass and graphite. Composite materials have replaced most metal parts in modern bows for both economic and physical reasons.

How Heavy Is the PSE evolve 31 Compound Bow?

The “PSE Compound Bow” has a weight of 4 lb. or 1.8 kg. 

When people talk about weight, they talk about how heavy something is when it’s in your hand while you’re doing an activity. This activity can mean carrying it to the top of a mountain or shooting arrows at targets with different degrees of difficulty (e.g., having less to do with how much the bow weighs overall). 

The PSE compound bow weighs just over four pounds at just over one and a half kilograms—or two pounds lighter than some wooden bows.


PSE evolve 31 is truly one of the best compound bows out there. What are your thoughts on this product? Comment below with any questions you have or opinions that you want to share!

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