Hoyt Buffalo Review Updated Jun 2021

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  • Unparalleled shooting power and accuracy
  • Vibration-less draws
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Silencers and carrying case available with the package
  • Equally good for shooting and hunting


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not recommended for beginners

Hoyt Buffalo is an upper-end hunting recurve take-down bow. It is every archer’s dream bow because of the comfort and accuracy that it carries. Hoyt Buffalo is the first choice of pro hunters and can take down even the bigger targets like deer and elks. Hoyt has always maintained a name in the recurve bow department, and you’ll have the same luxurious experience with Buffalo. Hoyt Buffalo will cost a little extra compared to its competitor bows in this market, but once you hold the bow in your hands, you’ll admire your choice of spending a few extra bucks and getting the Buffalo to recurve bow. You will find quality material in all the parts of this bow, and the package carries all the integral components required for shooting. The Buffalo is a hunting bow but is equally usable for shooting and long-range practicing. Although it is an expensive bow, it is simple at the same time. Archer with any level of expertise will find no difficulty in drawing or aiming with this recurve bow. This bow is truly an Olympic quality bow from Hoyt, and it’ll keep reminding you with every arrow you shoot with it.

Package and Assembly:

Hoyt Buffalo’s unboxing is going to be one of the most premium experiences of your life. The sheer detail Hoyt has put into the packaging will astonish you. Being a professional hunting bow, Buffalo comes with all integral parts and extras that you would need in hunting and shooting. It comes with the riser and the limbs along with two bolts. A high-quality Flemish string is included with the package as well as its premium extras like silencer, maintenance kit, stringer. You’ll also find a calf hair plate and a bow stringer in the box. Papers work like the owner’s manual, and the warranty cards are also provided with the bow. An assembly guide in the form of a DVD is present in the box as well. Lastly, for the bow and its accessories’ safe transportation, Hoyt has included a carrying case and sleeves.

Assembly of the Hoyt Buffalo is as easy as it gets. The included DVD guides you at each and every place where to start and what to do with each and every part that comes with the package. You’ll find the video guide much more helpful in assembly than the paper guides you find with cheap bows. The first step is to join the limbs with the pockets and screw up the bolts. Another amazing feature of the bow is that you won’t need wrenches, screwdrivers, or any other tools during the assembly. The next step in to tie to string with the limbs with the help of the stringer provided. The last step is optional. If you want to keep the bow noise-free, then you can put the whisker silencer onto the string. 

Build Quality:

Each and every component of the Hoyt Buffalo is built with premium material and with great details. The riser of this bow is 19 inches in length, and it is made up of aluminum. It is designed to give extra comfort to your hands. Hoyt uses its patented Paralever Limb Connection System in the manufacturing of the Buffalo’s risers. It is the same technology that Hoyt is famous for using in its Olympic recurves. One of the qualities of this riser is its vibration-damping capability, which makes the bow easy to handle and easy to shoot.

The limbs of Hoyt Buffalo are made up of maple wood to ensure maximum power and durability and for extra strength are covered by carbon. You will feel the premium construction of the limbs as soon as you shoot the first arrow using this bow. The string included with the package is the handmade Flemish string. It makes the draw easy and gives the exceptional speed and enough power to the arrow that it can take down prey like bears and deer. The silencers do their job well to make the string noise-free.


Hoyt Buffalo is made to last long. The durable bow can be your hunting partner in rain and snow; the weather won’t force you to leave the field. The string gives consistent draws in any weather condition, which makes this bow capable of giving high levels of speed and power to each arrow you shoot. The accuracy is something that you’ll admire the most in this recurve bow. The precision makes this bow an ultimate choice for both hunting and target practicing. This bow is one of the few that’ll make you relive what you saw in the advertisement before purchasing it.

The power output that the combination of maple wood limbs and the Flemish string provide is astonishing. The drawing power is transferred to the arrow with a minimum loss, and the impact on the target is perfect. Irrespective of the draw weight, the bow doesn’t stress your muscles.

Overall, the Hoyt Buffalo is a masterpiece and a treat for the archers. The versatility and performance are unmatched. Although Buffalo is a little expensive, it justifies its price with each arrow shot.

Common Questions About Hoyt Buffalo:

Do I need to buy the string separately?

No. A high-quality Flemish string is included in the box with the Hoyt Buffalo.

Are there any arrows included in the box?

No, arrows don’t come with the bow. You have to purchase them separately from a vast list of arrows compatible with this bow.

Can I hunt big animals with the Hoyt Buffalo? Like deer?

Depending upon your expertise, yes, you can hunt big animals like deer.

Can I learn to shoot with this bow?

Yes, you can, but as it is an expensive bow, so I would recommend you take a few courses with an inexpensive bow and then start practicing on this one.

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