Horton Brotherhood Review

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  • Reliable and accurate
  • Comes with arrows and quiver


  • Scope is a bit higher at the front

Horton Brotherhood 160 comes in a package when you purchase it online. As you receive your package you would get the crossbow, a 4 by 32 mult-a-range scope, 3 pieces of 20 inches arrows that have a field tip, a 3 arrow quiver, a warranty card, and the manual.Assembling the crossbow is the same way you usually do it so we only suggest you do it on your own when you already have set up a crossbow before or you have a clear idea on how to do it. The only disadvantage we’ve seen as we tested this crossbow is that the scope is mounted at an angle which makes it higher towards the front.This Horton Brotherhood is very easy to carry around, and it’s powerful enough to take down every legal game in Northern America. As we tried it with our 425 grain arrows, it was more than enough to take down an elk or deer. One great reason to bring this hunting is that it’s very quiet and it it’s made of durable materials that would definitely last a long time.With a draw weight of 160 LBS, it could be hand cocked but we don’t think that’s necessary so make sure to take note that when you purchase this, you need to purchase a rope cocking device too. The Horton Brotherhood Crossbow is a good choice to pick when you need something compact, small, lightweight but at the same time comes with great power and accuracy. Find out more about which is better from Recurve bow vs. Compound bow. Your Horton Explorer HD 150 will shoot better than it ever has.

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