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Mini crossbows or pistol crossbow come in different types, some are also safer than the others. It’s important to make sure that you purchase on that’s original because there are a lot of chinese made copycats out in the market. Best quite shot, click on Best Crossbow Under 300 So, make sure to read the reviews when purchasing. But, here are two amazing tested mini crossbows:

Picture Name My Verdict
Blade USA Eagle 2 Best Price For the Value Check Price
Cobra Pistol Crossbow Best for small games Check Price

BladeUSA Eagle 2

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  • Looks like a shotgun
  • Unique design
  • Very accurate and powerful


  • Doesn’t have a bow stinger
  • Only comes with 2 free arrows

This crossbow 150 pounds and has a unique design that resembles a shotgun. It has a wooden stock that is very solid, and a wooden foregrip too. This package comes with a crossbow, the stock, the prod and riser, crossbow strings, vibration dampening pads, allen key, and retention screw, steel compression plate, and 2 pieces 2 by 1 inch aluminum crossbow arrows. Assembling it is pretty easy, all you have to do is put the parts together, the only difficult part would be stringing the bow. It would be easier to do this with a bow stringer, but unfortunately the package doesn’t have one so to make it easier to set it up you have to purchase it on your own. You can check out this best excalibur crossbow also.

This crossbow fires 14 inches arrows at 250 FPS, with 32 ft per pound kinetic energy this gives some wallop. This one also has very good accuracy, it’s good for hunting. It’s recommended to purchase swivels where you can attach the padded sling to and add the sling to the crossbow. This would make it easier to carry. With 150 LBS draw weight, you could cock this by hand but since it comes with a rope cocking device it would be much easier for you. The design is really unique and it also looks professional and expensive. You can also check this for the Fastest Crossbow.

Cobra Pistol Crossbow

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  • Very powerful
  • Reduced front heaviness
  • Unique look


  • Instructions is not that good
  • No bow stringer
  • Safety system is not that good

This one is a self cocking pistol crossbow which is not as expensive as you would expect. This package comes with the crossbow, a riser and prod, a polyester bowstring, some vibration dampening pads, a compression plate, an allen key, and 3 pieces aluminum crossbow darts. While the instructions to set this up is not good, it’s easy to put the parts together until you get to the part where you need to string it. This one is powerful, it could shoot crossbow darts at 150 FPS even if the darts weigh 12.5 grams. Before sighting your bow make sure to tighten the mechanism screws.  Discover the Compact Crossbows for hunting.

Some people are wondering whether this is a toy or a tool, well it actually is both. Since it’s tiny it’s a toy, but because of it accuracy and power this is not suitable for children without supervision. This is enough for small game, since it comes with self cocking, cocking this pistol crossbow is quick and easy. This one is very lightweight and easy to shoot, and it also looks very good. Capture those hunting moments with Tasco 8mp Trail Camera

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