Barnett Wildcat C6 Review

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  • It’s affordable
  • It’s quiet
  • It has a good trigger


  • It weighs more than average

In 2015, Barnett crossbows brought a new offering to the first-time crossbow shooters, this is definitely something they’d be looking for. This is a complete package that comes with the crossbow, 3 pieces arrow quiver, a 4 by 32 multi reticle scope, 3 pieces 20 inches headhunter arrows. This one is simple to assemble and it even comes with an easy-to-understand manual. This is a very powerful crossbow for beginners, it has 320 FPS enough for a small to medium game. For an inexpensive crossbow, this definitely won’t disappoint. Visit Discharge Crossbow for more information. This is a very straightforward design that comes with a lot of features. If you’re planning to do small to medium games, and have a lightweight, simple, accurate crossbow, this one would definitely be the best match for you especially since it’s not very expensive. Simple isn’t always a bad thing because in this case, its simplicity made it better. You can also check this Barnett wildcat c5 crossbow review or if you’re looking for the Best Deer Blind Heater.

Barnett Wildcat C6 crossbow package content

The crossbows by Barnett have taken forward the incredibly great Barnett crossbow, which is Top Notch and high quality. This new model by Barnett crossbow is the incredibly excellent wildcat C6 crossbow, which is efficient and straightforward to use. The package comes with a collection of accessories, including the following.

  • The crossbow which is the essential object
  • There is a multi-rectile scope of 4x 32
  • You will also find three arrow quivers.
  • There are three 20 inches headhunter arrows also available.
  • The instruction manual with the large illustration of assembling for easy assembling of the crossbow is also included.

The kinetic energy of the Barnett wildcat C6

The kinetic energy of this Barnett crossbow is 91 feet pounds with in the area of 30 yards. However, for the area over 30 yards, the kinetic energy will be lowered to 8%. With increasing the area, the kinetic energy will be lowered down and can be approximately 85 feet pounds in total. Moreover, the wildcats C6 crossbow has a speed of 320 FPS, which is incredible not only because of the affordable and reasonable price but also to bring small and medium-sized games.

This wildcat crossbow also has the capacity of slinking with a 400-grain arrow with a 320 FPS speed. For a minimal price, the speed and the kinetic energy is definitely worth the investment.

Design, safety, comfort, and accuracy

The wildcat C6 Barnett crossbow has a straightforward design, which is no doubt simple and if it was. It is a design that contains no-frill and does not have any fancy design. You will not only like how effortless design is but also how easy and functional it is. This crossbow is an excellent choice for people who are not looking for a flashy but highly functional design.

There are a cheek and Thumbhole available on the crossbow for better alignment of the eye for even better shooting. The grip is also very unique and incredible. Better security and better safety are also available with the flared guards attached to the crossbow. Display and Cards will keep your fingers protected and away from the string. Also, for better accuracy, you can appreciate the incredible grip. It allows you to place your hand on the area of the crossbow available in the front.

When your hand is placed in the front, you will shoot accurately without any glitches. Because of the top-notch and robust design, you can understand how incredibly capable and accurate this wildcat C6 crossbow is. The trigger is also smooth to use, and it is capable of releasing Arrow at 3.5 lbs. The comfortable use and incredibly excellent performance make this fantastic crossbow A comfortable choice to have an incredible piece to use.

For the comfort and accuracy, this wildcat C6 crossbow deserves all the Brownie points.

Hunting with Barnett wildcat C6

Hunting can be a lot more fun when you are using the Barnett C6 crossbow, which works impeccably great for the shooting and has an edge of the reasonable price and accurate functioning. This crossbow weighs only seven pounds and does not require you to put in a massive amount of effort. It is a small but highly functioning crossbow that will not disappoint you with a lack of accuracy and functionality. It is an 18-inch crossbow that is small but provides maximum functionality. It has plenty of power to make your hunting a lot better and fun.

You already know that there is a cheek piece attached to the crossbow that is not useless at all. This piece will help in aligning your eyes to the scope for better accuracy and for shooting appropriately. This safe to use crossbow is not only perfect in terms of usage within a few yards. Also, it does not make a lot of noise, which is better when you are hunting, not to alert the animals around you when you shoot.

How quiet is the Barnett Wildcat C6 crossbow? 

Considering the high functionality and great size, the sound is also one thing that you must consider. When you are using this wildcat Barnett crossbow, you would appreciate how quiet it is and is not make a lot of sound. You will not feel any vibration or very little sound when shooting for firing using this crossbow.

For the people who tend to add suppressors for minimizing the sound, this might be the perfect deal. The high-quality wildcat crossbow does not require any suppressor to reduce the sound. It has very little sound and almost no vibration, which makes hunting even better.

Cocking the Barnett Wildcat C6

Another benefit of the wildcat C6 Barnett crossbow is the lightweight that makes the functionality better. It also does not affect the speed of the arrow and makes the draw weight better.

The Incredible great features and smooth functioning; the arrow speed is not affected at all, and the accuracy is top-notch. When using the cocking rope, it does not have a lot of issues. The cocking of the crossbow Barnett wildcat C6 is not only simple but does not create any issues.

However, Barnett crossbows offer cocking aid of winch type, but it is not compatible with this wildcat C6. The cocking aid available by Barnett is perfect for or smaller frames or for the other physical disability; it would work the best. Just looking to do some snow camping with the Best Winter Camping Tents.

Overall, the Barnett Wildcat C6 is an incredible choice, which is inexpensive and very quiet to use. It has excellent accuracy and is perfect for small hunting games. It also works ideal for Target Shooting and does the best job for deer and moose hunting. If you are looking to change your style check out the Best Teepee Tents.

This crossbow also comes with an incredibly great Trigger that enhances the accuracy and helps with simple working. The various accessories that come along with the package are worth having. Each one of the contents in the package will help with better functionality of the crossbow. There is a manual also available for better instruction for assembling and working. Check this Youth Compound Bow for beginners in hunting.

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